Saturday, December 16, 2017

A Week Full of Cookies, Advent Fun, Snow and Learning

Our week started off with a blanket of 11 inches of snow on the ground. It was very beautiful, and there is still snow on the ground in the shaded areas. Snow lasting the whole week is pretty unusual in our area.
Our back yard and old shed
We keep adding to our 1800's tree. Anne added an orange with cloves and little empty packages all wrapped in brown paper under the tree. We also put our fruit basket under the tree. Our family is  having so much fun making homemade ornaments. In fact, we are thinking of adding even more next week.
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Our 1800's tree

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We did a unit study on The Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens in November, so we were excited to see the movie, The Man Who Invented Christmas. It is about Charles Dickens and it was only showing in one theater in our area. Does anyone else find that the movies that may be considered a bit educational don't show up in most of the theaters? We thought the film was great and enjoyed seeing it on the big screen.
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Our baking day this week was calmer than last week and I got two pictures. We made more than 120 Chocolate Kiss Surprises. They already are almost gone.

Late in this semester, we decided to purchase a subscription to Scholastic Classroom Magazines. We purchased three of them -- Choice (the health magazine), Scope (the language arts magazine) and Scholastic Math. We only have started using the math magazines, but we are enjoying them very much. They are a perfect fit with Dean's need for real world and hands-on math.

The children and I went on a wonderful field trip to see a display of 250 nativities from 60 countries. A local church in our area has hosted this exhibit a few times and I love it. I love the creative touches each culture brings to their nativity and how the nativities bring all of us together in love and peace.
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Native American

We are now at the end of the week. It was a great week, although not without its trials. The mini-van died in a parking lot from a failing alternator. We hope to get it back in a few hours and are bummed about this huge surprise cost so close to Christmas. However, we are blessed that it died in a parking lot, no one was stranded for long, and we have savings to cover the cost of the repair. All blessings that do not go unnoticed.

We have just one more week to go before our week or so break for Christmas. I will do an update next week on where we are in our lessons, since we will be at the almost halfway point (17 weeks) for our school year.

Blessings, Dawn


  1. My Nature Angel would love that old fashioned tree you have! I'll have to show it to her. :)

    I'm glad for all of your quiet blessings in spite of the dead alternator. We fought alternators all last spring, so I understand completely.

    I've never heard of those Scholastic magazines! I'm going to look them up. Thanks for the homeschool tip. :)

    1. Make sure you ask for the homeschool price.

  2. The nativities are fascinating! Thanks for sharing them with us. I want to see The Man who Invented Christmas, too. We have had 3 snowstorms so far! We plan our big cookie bake for next week.

  3. Oh wow! Those nativities look amazing!

  4. The snow looks so lovely. I miss snow; for some reason, it hasn't snowed a good snow in our part of Missouri for years now.
    I really want to see that movie too! I almost saw it today, but we were tired from a late evening out to see The Last Jedi. I might need to look into those magazines too. They sound interesting. Thanks for pointing them out.

    I hope you have a great week!