Thursday, December 14, 2017

Dean's Transcript ~ String Instruments

Dean has a strong interest in music and decided he wanted to study several different string instruments. He completed this credit with 147 hours of study. He learned to play four string instruments and how to read music.

Dean first took a strong interest in the ukulele. He learned how to play the soprano ukulele by watching many lessons on YouTube and by listening to music and then picking it out on his ukulele. He also used the book, Ukulele Chord Finder, by Hall Leonard. He learned many songs including eight Christmas songs and popular tunes on the radio. He learned most of the popular tunes by ear. He also learned how to play an electric ukulele and learned how to use a small amp.

He then moved on to the acoustic guitar and the electric guitar. He took 30 hours of private lessons with Matt at the local Guitar Center store. Under Matt's tutelage, he used the books, Guitar Method Book 2 and Method Berklee Press Vol. 1. He mostly studied the electric guitar with Matt and worked with the acoustic guitar on his own at home. He learned many riffs, tabs, and chords by heart and spent hours upon hours practicing them.

Here is a  list of a few songs that he accomplished ~
  • So Cold
  • We Three Kings
  • Silent Night
  • Teen Spirit
  • Mother Earth
  • Truce
  • The Star Spangled Banner
  • Sugar
  • Jingle Bells
  • Pirates of the Caribbean theme song
Dean also learned a lot about guitar maintenance. He learned how to replace the strings (although he prefers to let the professionals do it at the Guitar Center).  He also learned how to maintain and use his multi use amp and how to clean and restring his ukulele. 

Dean also worked at creating and writing down some of his own music. He created some lovely short tunes. Dean earned an A (92) for completing his homework for Matt most of the time, learning new songs, being cooperative and trying hard even when the lessons became very hard, committing to his practice time at home and taking good care of his instruments.

 Now that he has completed the course, he continues to play on his own time and may decide to study further with a teacher in the future. But for now, he has all he needs to add pleasure to his and others' days by sharing his music.

Blessings, Dawn


  1. Wow. This was so well written and Dean has accomplished so much! I have never heard of an electric ukulele before now.

  2. How fun! What a delightful addition to his transcript!!!