Friday, December 8, 2017

Weekly Wrap Up ~ The Week that Ended with a Surprise Snow Storm

As I write, we are all snuggled up with six or more inches of snow outside. We may get a few more inches overnight. We have been without electricity for most of the day, but, thankfully, it is back on and the house is warming up. We did several subjects of seat work school each day, but we are definitely in Christmas mode around here. There is a fair share of life going on that is much more exciting than seat work.  Here are the memorable highlights from our week.

Sunday ~ We attended an outdoor performance of  A Christmas Carol. We had a couple friends performing in it so it was worth the cold temps. It was fun seeing a performance at night under the stars and our friends did a great job.

Dean still participates in boffing every weekend with the Wandering Swordsmen, even though colder temperatures are upon us. He told me this week that he loved boffing, because it made him feel healthy and confident.

Monday ~ We accomplished several charities this week. We started handing out the homeless kits we made last week, turned in a few picture books to our library's Santa Tree, and sent out the box we prepared for the young boy in St. Croix we were assigned through the Adopt a Family program. Did you know there are people all through the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico who are still without electricity from the hurricanes? My kids really enjoy these hands-on projects. They especially like it when we carry a box of our homemade kits in the car, ready to hand out to the homeless. Dean, especially, has a heart for the homeless.
Library Santa Tree
Our St. Croix box also includes a mosquito spray and mosquito repellent candle.
Homeless Kits
Tuesday ~ We had a fantastic time seeing the inside of the Biltmore House all decorated for Christmas. I think we are just going to adore having this annual pass. It allows us to go onto the estate and do just one or two things, instead of trying to get our money's worth and wearing ourselves out running all over the estate trying to do too much. We could go every single day of the year if we wanted.

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Wednesday ~ We finished decking the halls of our own home. We were given a free tree and had already bought our own, so we now have TWO trees this year. We feel like royalty. Anne decided to make our second tree into an 1800's tree complete with homemade fan ornaments she created from an old Harry Potter book that had been read until it was in tatters.  She also made cranberry chains.

Thursday ~ We did tons of baking and I must admit I didn't get a single photograph. Maybe I will succeed when we bake more next week. We are having one baking day a week until Christmas. 

Friday ~ We woke up to a surprise snowstorm and a very important doctor appointment that we had waited for nine months to attend. Luckily, we were able to make it there and back. Dean took a picture of our morning commute. The rest of the day was filled with outdoor play and board games by candlelight as we didn't have electricity for most of the day and evening.

Blessings, Dawn


  1. What a beautiful week! I want to come to your house!

  2. What a wonderful week! The snow has just started here!

  3. Oh I just love Biltmore at Christmas! The snow is so pretty too. We just got the cold temps here & nothing but a dusting. :(

  4. Ooooh, I'm glad you were safe driving in the new snow. My kids are still praying for snow here . . . and I'm praying for it to arrive the day after I run errands. :)

    But there's no sign of snow--just lots of cold.

    Happy homeschooling to you!

  5. Its great that you are making the most of the pre-Christmas season. The outdoor perfomance of A Christmas Carol sounds fun.

  6. What an amazing week. I love the idea of an 1800s tree. I might have to try that next year!