Monday, July 15, 2019

Family Reunion 2019

We have just returned from a wonderful family reunion with my husband's side of the family. It was great to see everyone. My sister-in-law hosted the entire family at her home. Wow, she is an awesome hostess! We did tons of fun events. We ended up taking Faith (Dean's) girlfriend at the last minute, because of a family crisis going on in her family. She just needed a break and to be away from all of that. It was a bit more work for me to chaperone and keep line of sight 24/7, but we were delighted to have her along. She fits so well into our family. I can't believe that Dean and Faith have been courting for 2 years already.

We went on a beautiful hike.

We went rafting down the James River on a party float that had to be towed by the uncles in kayaks occasionally when the wind and current was not strong enough to move us along.

We spent a few lovely hours at the Science Museum in Richmond. The highlight was the Pompeii exhibit. This traveling exhibit is amazing. I strongly recommend going to see it if it comes near you.

Bread that was excavated from the site
We had so many marvelous meals both at home and in restaurants. The conversations were wonderful, too.

Oh, the desserts were to die for! My poor diet. 

When the reunion was over, we decided to travel a few hours further north to see my stepmother and take Faith around Washington, D.C. She had never seen D.C. before, and it was so exciting for her. It was fun rediscovering my hometown through her eyes. We started with a morning at the zoo.

The pandas slept through our visit but were great to see anyway.

Then we walked around the Vietnam Memorial and the Lincoln Veterans Memorial. We wrapped up our tour by driving by as many of the iconic sites as we could.

Lastly, we attended the ballet, Swan Lake, at Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts. It was performed by the American Ballet Theater. We hoped to see Misty Copeland, but she wasn't performing that particular night. It was absolutely fantastic anyway. We had seats in the orchestra. AMAZING! 

We had a lovely trip and are now home for awhile.

Blessings, Dawn


  1. What a trip! It looks magnificent! I think my favorite line in this post is about Dean and Faith "courting" for 2 years. What a wonderful word for describing their relationship. It evokes sweetness, innocence, and gentle love.

    Kudos to your sister-in-law for hosting such a nurturing and joyful family event. You make me miss the "Cousins' Camps" my family used to hold. :)

  2. What a great trip! The heat/humidity this week are far worse than when you were here, so your timing was perfect!

    Wolftrap is a wonderful venue, I'm sure the ballet was wonderful!

  3. I have been wanting to visit DC for years now; it looks so fun but we always just end up driving right by since we're often headed much further south. I am going to have to keep my eye out for that Pompeii exhibit!