Sunday, July 7, 2019

Our Attempt to Improve a Chartreuse Bathroom

We have a 1950's home which came with a chartreuse bathroom, a color we despise. Unfortunately, it goes all the way around our tiny 4 foot by 6 foot bathroom. There has been no money in the budget to replace the tile, so we have struggled to change the appearance of the tile as best we could. In the past few years, we have painted the walls different colors, but it has never been satisfactory. This time, we decided to embrace green and white which seems to make the chartreuse less glaring. We had a budget of  $100 for this makeover. Fortunately, this makeover coincided with my birthday, and my mother was happy to buy the rug and new lighting fixture as my birthday gifts. Their costs were not counted in my budget.

Before pictures ~ The walls were a blue gray and very dreary. The mirror and light fixture were old, rusting and about to fall off the wall. The hinges on the door were also rusted out, and the door wouldn't completely close anymore without slamming it.

We replaced the door hinges and shaved the door down. Then my husband painted the bathroom walls and ceiling in Behr Ultra Pure White high gloss paint. That immediately made the room less dreary. 

We then added a white shower curtain. It has a nice textured pattern on it, which gives it a bit of class. We still need to paint the window frame...hopefully, that will happen before the summer is done.

We also added two mirrors. The mirror over the sink came from a local thrift store and the mirror on the opposite wall came from TJ Maxx.

We changed out the old switch plate cover with a festive llama switch plate cover my mother got us. It goes with the rug she also gave me.

She also gave us a new light fixture, which really pulls the room together.

Here is the view from the bathtub.

Another view from the doorway.

Cost for our bathroom update ~
Paint and supplies $30
New Mirrors $50
Hinges $10
Shower curtain $18

My mom bought the switch plate cover, rug and light fixture, which were probably another $100 (she won't say). So we updated our bathroom for about $200. It is still simple and tiny, but we are very pleased with a space that feels so much cleaner and less chartreuse!

Blessings, Dawn


  1. Cute!! Love the llama's! My mom's house has a similar bathroom layout, with the window right in the middle of the showere wall like that.

  2. I think it is fabulous! And the llamas are such an off-the-wall, delightful little joy. I'll bet you smile every time you reach for a light switch or step on that rug. What a marvelous transformation! What a tiny budget! You're inspiring me!