Monday, January 1, 2007

Intro to My Life

Hello!  This is my first time having a blog and I am excited about starting one.  My dh and I have been homeschooling for eight years and have loved almost every minute of it.  We started homeschooling when we were in the military, and our special needs (cardiac problems and learning disabilities) son was suffering in the public school system.  After several moves, we realized that it was a national problem, not just one particular school.  We fell in love with the Charlotte Mason educational style immediately and have used that style ever since.  We do dabble a bit in unit studies occasionally.  After years of not being able to get pregnant naturally with a second child, we became foster parents, and adopted a sibling group of two.  While we were still adopting the two, we became pregnant with our youngest dd.  Ahh, how to go from one to four kids in 17 months!!!  It was a great adventure that is just now calming down!  Our adopted children have a range of disabilities that include Reactive Attachment Disorder, Cerebral Palsy, and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.  We are blessed that all of our children are thriving, and we are learning how to teach each of our unique kids.  We hope to meet others and get great ideas.


  1. Hi! Welcome to HSB! I have heard of so many people that get pregnant while or right after adopting!!! I'm glad it has worked out so well for you. I have two biological special needs children. One is pretty much stablized and just have to follow up yearly and we are praying that he has no more problems and another one that has ADHD and anxiety/depression problems that we are praying that we get stablized soon. Hope you enjoy blogging!

  2. Hi! Welcome to HSB. It sounds that YOU have a wealth of experience to offer to the community here. I too consider myself a Charlotte Mason educator, if I'm forced to choose. But I only loosely follow her principles. I saw that you added me to your friends list. Thanks! I will add your blog to my Bloglines subscription if your RSS is enabled. Hope it is. See you around!

  3. You need to enable your RSS -- publish feed-- in your blogger control panel. Look on my blog for an entry about that recently. It has directions. :-)

  4. Hi there! Just stumbled upon your blog, and I just want to say that I truly honor moms like you who are not only homeschooling, but raising extra-special kids (all kids are special right?) as well! Praise GOD for His grace for you and your hubby! :) And your kids too! :)

    Anyway, I am seriously looking into using CM for our 4 y/o next year and would LOVE some tips from families who actually use it! :) We are based in the Philippines. :) You can catch a glimpse of our life at my blogs: and :)

    Thanks in advance and have a blessed CHRISTmas!