Sunday, March 4, 2007

Tom Sawyer and the Earthworms

Ok, yesterday my boys, 16 & 4, decided to dig up about 12 earthworms, put them in a plastic container, and make them the 4 year old's pets.  I stress the number about 12 because they really aren't sure, could have been a few more or less.  Anyway, in the rigors of the day I lost track of where my dear Tom Sawyer had taken his new-found pets.

Fast forward to this morning --  I am lying in bed still asleep when my little boy arrives at my side.  Tom Sawyer (4), "Oh, Mom, careful don't rollover on Wormy 1!"  Me, "WHAT?!", sitting up really fast.  This is a great way to wake up Mom quick!  Lo and behold, there was a worm on my pillow.  My little boy's sweet face looking up at me said, "Mom, you can have Wormy 1 so that you have a pet too, but you have to be careful when you sleep with him not to squish him."  Where did I get this boy from?!?!?!?  As I was about to respond, screams from my daughter (3), who shares a room with ds shattered the morning silence.  To make a long story short, he had been up for awhile and had already been playing with Wormies 2-12ish, and they were loose in their shared bedroom!!!!  We (or should I say my husband and son) have found most of his little friends and returned them to their own world.  Hopefully, there were less worms than the boys thought and all is well that ends well.  My dd would like her own room, however.  Can't wait to see what the rascals come up with next.


  1. I noticed that you added me to your friends list~ so I popped over to check out your blog and say "hi".

    Another adoptive parent?! Yeah! I'm always on the lookout for people to share adoption stories with. Sounds like you have a fantastic family!


  2. Oh how hilarious! That reminds me of when there was a spider egg sac hanging on the screen on the OUTSIDE of our playroom window. We'd been studying it for a while. My husband and I woke up and went flying out of bed when one of our sweet children came into our bedroom happily saying, "Mommy! Daddy! You've got to come see this! The spiders are hatching and exploding all over the playroom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Our dear children were a bit traumatized when we raced out there and started smashing the newborn spiders to bits. The window was open and the spiders were NOT staying on the outside of the house as they were born on the screen. It was quite the sight - itty bitty spiders going everywhere, Aaron and me squishing them as fast as we possibly could, and the children crying and screaming that we were killing all the babies!!!!

    Love, Dawn

  3. Too funny!!! Sounds like something that my 6yos would do!! Thought I'd pop in and see what your family has been up too. :-) Blessings, Kris