Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Update and What We Are Doing!

This year one of the things my teen has really enjoyed doing in English is the program, MOVIES AS LITERATURE by Kathryn and Richard Stout.  We have seen lots of classic movies, and he actually looks forward to answering the essay questions!  Yes, those of you who know my son, I speak the truth!!!  Tonight  we watched THE QUIET MAN with John Wayne.  I loved it and my son couldn't stop laughing.  It led into a great conversation about courtship and the proper treatment of women (not portrayed in the movie, at least in accordance with modern culture).  Anyway, I like to share when we hit upon a winner.

As for the rest of the Sweetums, the girls had their annual well check up today, and they both did great.  They are perfectly on their growth charts and thriving.  We love our kids' doctor!  He is so good with adoption issues and helping our Goldilocks (6) feel comfortable despite her past history.  As for Tom Sawyer, he was really bummed it wasn't his turn for a check up and complained all the way through until it was time for the shots, LOL ....  Oh, the doctor asked my kiddos what they wanted to be when they grow up.  Their responses were as follows.

Tom Sawyer (4)- "a 16 year old fire fighter."  (He wants to be 16 because he wants to be like his big brother.)

Goldilocks would like to be a UNICORN!!  (Hmmm ... I think we are going to have to work on that.)

Little Red Ridinghood (3) would like to be "a sweet baby".  (She actually asked me recently if she could get younger on her B-day so that she could be a sweet baby again.  You think she enjoyed her babyhood or what?)

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  1. Kids say the funniest things!! :-) Gotta love 'em!! Glad to hear that you are doing well! Blessings! Kris