Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Art Class

We had the pleasure of going to our local art museum today and taking a homeschool art class. I have been meaning to try this class with my little ones all school year and finally made it. There were 12 kids in our age group and the docent was excellent. She took us around the art museum to look at a large variety of paintings with the theme of lines. It was interesting to see all the different ways lines are used in art. 

After about 40 minutes of touring the museum, we moved into the art studio. The kids were given aprons and told that they were going to make prints with the theme of lines!  What fun. 

First they made lined patterns on their printing foam. The teacher told us that one could use the foam from an egg carton and get the same affect.

Next, they painted the print with printing paint.

Then, they used a roller to press down the template onto the paper.

How cool is that!  They were able to go back over and over again with different colors and make really creative prints.

The kids' finished products! From top to bottom, Tom Sawyer's, which he named Random Lights (he's the one who has never waivered from wanting to become an artist); middle one is Little Red Riding Hood's wonderful organic shapes; and the bottom was created by Goldilocks. I am so pleased with this program. They were able to use high quality art supplies, and the teacher was really nice. On the registration form, it had asked how to best teach each child. I had written about the kids' special needs and what would make it easier for them (example ~ extra paper towels for sensory boy and repeated directions for FASD girl). The teacher had obviously read the registration sheet and followed through with helping my kiddos. Very impressive! I can't wait for next month's program!

Blessings, Dawn


  1. What a great class! Your children did a great job, and I'm so impressed that the teacher listened to your suggestions and followed through. What a blessing!


  2. Very Cool!

    I wish we could do that. All the art programs here cost a fortune to attend. It looks like you have a real gem there.

  3. Those prints are adorable! What a great program you have found! That's great!

  4. www.thepiratemom.comFebruary 10, 2010 at 1:42 PM

    Very cool! I love art museums!


  5. This looks like a great program. Our local university has a similar program that we've participated in a number of times, but these two semesters, we've not been able to as the cost was prohibitive.

    The kids' handiwork is excellent. You should frame these! God bless, Dawn.

  6. This sounds like an awesome class. I love that the teacher paid attention to your suggestions for your children and that it was helpful for them! Very nice!!!



  7. How wonderful that they work with you like this!