Monday, February 22, 2010

Film Cans

Thanks, Dad! We got your package.

The mad scientists in the house are very excited this morning. I think I heard the words "dry ice bomb" yelled before the sun came up -- this activity will be in the not too far off future. Then there is this one, or this one. Hmmmm! Lots of exploding going on in the future. However, there is non-exploding fun to be had, as well, sSuch as floating and sinking  and mini icebergs. The experiment possibilities go on and on.  

Some of the film cans will be saved for a weight set for our balance scale. Loads of fun to come. Well, I better go hide them and explain to the kids that these film cans are becoming an extinct commodity and must be recycled and cared for. In other words, "Don't take them out in the yard and lose them!"

Blessings, Dawn


  1. You are so fun!!! I would have to do an awesome job hiding those cute little cannisters at our house, because I can tell you the six-year-old little guy would have those scattered around the yard and house in no time flat :-)! Have fun with all your science experiments and blessings, Julie

  2. I'm sure your kids are going to LOVE these experiments!! We have done the one with the alka selzer tablets it works great. :)


  3. Have a fabulous time with those experiments!! Can I come to your house for school?

    Have a wonderful adn blessed week!


  4. Now that we haven't bought films for cameras for MANY years we have started using the little toy holding plastic containers that you can find inside the hollow chocolate eggs. They don't work for all the experiments of course but still...

    Hope you are going to have LOTS of fun!!!


  5. OK, my boys are here drooling over your post. They want to be enrolled in your homeschool next year, do you have room and will you take an 8th grader??? LOL