Saturday, May 1, 2010

Biltmore Homeschool Day

What a perfect day for a field trip. The weather was balmy and the sun was shining! We set off for homeschool day at the Biltmore this week. We had the pleasure of taking Grandma Sue along with us. She picked a great week to come visit us since it was our last week of school, and we spent the better part of it going on field trips!

The theme at Biltmore House this year was Farm to Table. We arrived bright and early at the front gates and received our homeschool packets. They are wonderful books filled with games, info, recipes and coloring pages. The kids will enjoy and learn from them for weeks to come. We headed first to the education area that was set up in Antler Hill (the brand new shops of Biltmore). There the kids visited the petting zoo and got to pet and hold baby chicks.

The highlight in the petting area was seeing hens laying their eggs. I have never seen that before. I was one very impressed city gal!

We then learned all about campfires and cooking over them. Tom Sawyer loved learning how to start a fire with flint.

The kids got to make peanut butter, popcorn, and weather vanes as well as stomp grapes for wine.

(shucking corn for popcorn)

I can't believe Tom Sawyer stomped the grapes. What a sensory milestone for him!

They had a lovely dress up area and lots of old fashioned games for the kids to play. 

Boys! What is one to do with them? LOL!

They also had a blacksmith shop, woodworking shop and composting area. There was a dress up area for grown ups, too. Then a Biltmore employee took pictures while we posed on a wagon.

We enjoyed a lovely picnic lunch with one of our friends from our homeschool group and then had ice cream. Of course, that led to a change of clothes for all of the little ones. I forgot the baby wipes, so cleaning them up was a little bit hard. We had 1:00 pm tickets for the Biltmore House, so we got into our car and headed to the other side of the 8,000 acre estate. Can you believe I forgot to take a picture of the outside of the house this year? Shocking, I know! What kind of a tourist am I?!!

We finished our day in the house gardens. They were lovely, as always, but the tulips seemed to be at the end of their peak. 

We were pretty tired so we sat down on some benches in a lovely tree-lined avenue and waited for the shuttle bus to take us back to the parking lot.

(Timothy resting on a bench and a self-portrait of me below.)

Why is my Biltmore picture always the last one taken after 6 hours of carting children around? Boy, I look tired.

We did have a great time. The kids are already talking about next year!

Blessings, Dawn


  1. Every year I say I am going to remember when the homeschool day is and go and every year I forget about it. Thanks for sharing your visit.



  2. You saw eggs laid? How cool!



  3. What a blessing to have such a neat place nearby! I've always wanted to try stomping grapes with my feet. Isn't that silly! Goes back to watching I Love Lucy with my grandma, I guess.


  4. It certainly looks like an exciting place. What great experiences for your family. Great for your son to get into the grapes!!! That really is huge for one with sensory issues. But our kids are always surprising us with what they are capable of, aren't they?

    PS I wish I looked that good when I *start out* on a trip.:-)

  5. What a wonderful field trip. How did the peanut butter turn out?

  6. specialblessingsMay 7, 2010 at 8:01 AM

    That sounds like a blast; great pictures too!

  7. What fun! I've always wanted to do this - and just haven't. Maybe we could meet you up there next year! Loved the stomping grapes - and yes, what a milestone!!!