Thursday, May 13, 2010

School is out or is it?

What happens when the teacher packs up the books and calls a break from school? Well, if it is Geesecrossing Homeschool, the kids follow the teacher around bored, complaining, and lost for about 5 days. They sigh a lot.... They turn on and off the TV repeatedly because there is nothing on (we only get about three channels). They get all the toys out and then sit in the midst of them, asking when they are going to be taught something. When the teacher starts threatening them with more chores than they are used to doing, they are forced to entertain themselves. So what do they do? Why, they homeschool themselves. Yep! My dear children are busy schooling themselves on their school break. Here is a list of what they have been up to this week:   
  • Making a Medieval Castle and defending if from invasion.
  • Playing I Spy with the Periodic Elements Table poster on the wall
  • Writing long letters about our upcoming trip and what they want to do on it
  • Making up their own language that sounds a little bit like Latin, Spanish and Ewok
  • Watching our new Muzzy French Videos (three times so far this week)
  • Studying and quizzing each other on our new parts of speech poster
  • Counting our vacation money over and over
  • Listening to the Veggie Tales Easter music CD too many times to count
  • Reviewed their sign language knowledge and taught each other a few extra words
  • Reading an entire book about biology and three graphic novels based on Greek mythology (Tom Sawyer)
  • Quizzing their poor teacher on the above books and snickering when she does not know the answers (also Tom Sawyer). I did get an A in college biology but didn't study Greek mythology, and besides, college biology was a looong time ago!
Oh yeah, and just in case you think that I have been totally neglecting my children's starving brains, I did take them to this month's homeschool art class at the local art museum. I also carted Little Red Riding Hood to her recital rehearsals every night this week and will again to the big performance tomorrow night.They have also been on two play dates and gone to church. I am keeping up with reading lessons, and I started back up stories on tape at lunch time. We are mostly listening to My Story Hour ~ Columbus.

They studied cityscapes this month at the art museum.


Little Red Riding Hood

Tom Sawyer (Is that a man parachuting in front of the building or someone bungee jumping out the window?)

I do plan to try a small modified version of the work box system with them this summer. I'll probably start that in another week. I just love the way they keep right on learning despite my not actively teaching them. 

Blessings, Dawn

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  1. That's an impressive list. My kids are mostly spending time (even though we're not done with school right now) enjoying the fact that we have sunshine--a rare commodity in the Seattle area. Actually we have this theory around here that we school on rainy days and we play on sunny days. We don't quite get our 180 in with this philosophy, so we have to school a few sunny days, but it works pretty well.