Friday, June 4, 2010

Weekly Wrap-up ~ Summer Fun Has Begun

From the Heart ~

I am once again thinking about balance. We had a good week around here. I think there was just enough work, fun and downtime this past week. I am hoping to keep a nice balance going as our summer builds into full swing. We are planning on spending a lot of time at the pool this summer. There are four possible weeks of free swimming lessons at our local pool, in addition to our YWCA lessons. Between both of those opportunities and a few fun pool days scattered in, I hope we will end up with all of the children being strong swimmers by the end. We also plan on going to the free mid-day movies each week and several play dates with friends.

On the Homefront ~

Our small garden is coming along nicely. We are starting to get a handful of berries several times a week. It is slow getting the bushes going, but I think they will produce bumper crops in years to come. My city slicker children are not happy weeders. However, they are good waterers and are learning to survive weeding for very short periods of time.

Learning Time ~

Since we are not currently in "school", I thought I would change this section's title to Learning Time during the summer. However, learning time seems like a silly title when you are learning all of the time. But here are some highlights. As is the case most weeks, we spent several hours in doctors' offices this week.I was thinking about it and realized that we spend on average 3 to 5 hours a week in doctors' offices/waiting rooms. That is about 250 hours a year. It really is not that bad anymore, because I've learned just to take our life with us. Once, I even folded laundry (all towels) in a waiting room (that I knew would be virtually empty when I was there). For the most part, I am able to find a small corner just for us and set up a craft, movie, story time or school for the kids. It really works well for us. The kids are happy and engaged; I feel like we are getting something done and not just wasting time; and the other folks in the waiting room are happy if not a bit curious. We do get a lot of positive comments.

Family Fun ~

When we are not at the pool, I am pretty sure we will be hanging out at our city's new fountain splash park. It is smack in the middle of downtown. The kids had a blast there this week. They cannot wait to go back.

Yep! Fun in the sun! I better get some stronger sunscreen.

The kids also enjoyed going to one of their friend's birthday party. It was held at a very nice park in our area.

Tim holding my friend's sweet foster baby. We get to take care of her for a week in July, so I thought I'd have Tim practice babysitting. He He ....

Blessings, Dawn


  1. Love reading your posts and you encourage me about finding balance. Its a trick some days, isn't it? I have so much organizing, decluttering and planning that I want and need to do - and need to remember to add in the fun (and not to just have fun and do no work either.). LOL

    Thanks for mentioning the contest - I entered it too!


  2. Ohhh you are managing oh so well. And all look like they are enjoying life. I had to chuckle on the not happy weeders, lol. I can relate to 4 that fit that discription. It is easier to get my boys to mow the lawn or chop wood than to weed. [0= I can't wait till it actually warms up around here. I am thinking there won't be a lot of swimming till later this summer. I love beach days.

    Blessings and ((HUGS)) <

  3. Enjoyed your post! Have a great weekend.


  4. Thanks for sharing your week :) The splash park looks so's fairly warm here today.

    Blessings, Tamara

  5. Wow typed a nice comment and Captcha kicked it out! So let me try one more time
    Love love love the splash park. Wonderful idea. Creative at the doctors office! We do this too but I have not done the laundry there yet!
    And balance: You are amazing and do such a wonderful job! You are a great encouragement.

  6. Replied to you on my blog, but wasn't sure if you would see it. Here's what I wrote to you.

    Hi Dawn,

    It isn't too late to order CDs or MP3s of the workshops. You can get them here.

    I'm sorry to hear about your group! (((Dawn))) Praying you will have a great core of people who will encourage and support each other on this journey. That is so important!!!


  7. Looks like you're having fun. A neighboring town just opened a splash fountain. The kids love it.

    Good luck with the kids and garden work. Mine are the same way.