Friday, July 23, 2010

Back to School Stuff

The kids and I waited all day for "The Brown Truck" (UPS) to bring us our Rainbow Resource Catalog order. It finally arrived at 6 pm! We tore into the box to see all of the fun goodies to add to our studies this year. It was like Christmas morning! They couldn't get the packages open fast enough to get down to learning.

I needed two more Explode the Code books and the Beyond Five In A Row for when we read The Boxcar Children. We also got lots of fun stuff to supplement our other courses ~ sign language cards, kits to make Indian villages, Quick Notes, and teaching paragraph writing. I also found some historical novels where the reader gets to control the story and change the endings. Do you remember those from our childhood? I already read one of them to the children, and they are great.

I also wanted some new "juice" for our math shelves.  I bought a second geoboard, pattern trays with blocks, centimeter cubes for the balance scale, skip counting activity book and the book, Apple Fractions.

This is one happy boy.  He played with the geoboard for a long time.

These trays and pattern blocks are so much fun. The possibilities are endless and the kids are learning every minute of it.

I wish I had these when I was a kid. They will make it so much easier for the little ones to learn how to read music.

I can't wait for Monday. The kids are ready, too. Next week will still be a little different with swimming lessons every morning. But we will start adding in courses and should have a nice routine worked out within a few weeks. Happy Schooling!

Blessings, Dawn


  1. It is so much fun to get new school stuff in the mail. Wish I hadn't already bought everything so I could be expecting a box in the

  2. I buy in small batches so we get packages more often! HaHa!!!

  3. I love it when the UPS truck brings the Rainbow Resources box too! I haven't made my order yet because of the Tapestry of Grace expense.
    Have a great first week,

  4. What a fun box of goodies! You have such a fun home!


  5. What a box full of treasure ! I like the look of the Apple Fractions, mosaics,geo board, and weigh scale. Can you tell I was a hands on learner ? LOL

    Yes, it is just as fun to see what others are getting for school books as getting your own book order. [0=

    Praying blessings on your easment into lessons.

    Blessings and ((HUGS))

  6. I love boxes of new books! I even like looking at pictures of other people new stuff, lol. Thanks for posting.