Monday, August 16, 2010

Not Back to School ... Student Pictures

It is time for the Not Back To School Hop...Student Pictures.  I thought I would join in this week.   Please join Heart of the Matter to see more great student photos.

Goldilocks (9) is our energetic student.  She loves music, singing, and art class.  She wishes that math had never been invented but is making progress with it anyway.

Tom Sawyer (8) is all boy.  He is very smart and keeps us on our toes all the time ...  my most challenging student when it comes to keeping him challenged and engaged. It seems like he already knows half of what I set out to teach him in a given week.  LOL!  Now that he is a good reader, his nose is often in a book.  A wonderful sight to behold, I tell you!

Little Red Ridinghood (6) is our youngest student. She loves doing nature studies and coloring history pages.  She is eager to join the world of readers and is almost there.

Our newest classroom friends are Periwinkle the Parakeet and Snowflake the Gerbil.  Periwinkle thinks she is one of the students and gets very excited about story time.  It is not the storyline that excites her but the desire to eat the pages!  We have to give her paper to chew on instead of the books. LOL!

Snowflake has ADHD issues and stays in her cage during school hours.

Thank you for visiting our little homeschool.




  1. I can so relate...often times I wish math had never been invented! I e-mailed my address to you last night!

  2. Cute photos! I enjoyed reading about each of your kiddos!

  3. Wonderful to see your homeschool!! XOXO

  4. Oh, I love seeing your little ones--all of them. Looking at your description of the parakeet and the hamster made me think about a moment that occurrred today when my husband had an emergency. We had to leave the house quickly, and the kids decided they would take the puppy in order to not have to clean up any accidents. The older dog then hopped in the car and stubbornly decided that he was going, no matter what. So I get on the freeway with my five "kids" in tow--LOL!!!

    Enjoy your year! I'll have to stop over and see how it is going!

  5. I cannot believe how much the kids have grown! They are getting so big now! Have a wonderful school year! I'm looking forward to starting up and getting on a schedule again!