Saturday, August 28, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up ... Blessings!

This wrap up is really more about the past 10 days instead of the last week.  Please join Canadagirl to see more wrap ups.

From The Heart ~

Our Tom Sawyer had surgery on Wednesday to remove a growth in his mouth. The doctor had to carve away bone to help the adult tooth erupt since it has been being blocked by the growth.  The surgeon feels that it is of no concern but it was sent off for a biopsy anyway. We should hear the results next week.  I am so proud of Tom Sawyer!  He was a real trooper and did not need to be anesthesized until he got into the operating room. All around us were children being anesthesized early because they were in hysteria. Tom Sawyer charmed everyone and asked a million questions about how they were going to remove the growth, etc.  He even went as far as to tell the nurse this was the coolest day of his life, because he got magic spray so the IV would not hurt and that having his first IV (that he can remember) was so cool.  Boys are really strange!!  Several nurses and the surgeon told me afterward that he was an "exceptional child" and "extremely well adjusted".  It is really nice to hear.  Sometimes, when I am in the trenches all day with him, I get caught up in all that we need to work on to help with his disabilities and forget what an awesome kid he is....Blush!   Since he has been home, his mouth is really hurting; and he has been on constant Motrin and ice packs.  He is feeling somewhat better today, and I hope we are turning the corner.

The hospital gave a great tour the day before Tom Sawyer's surgery. Here is Little Red Ridinghood dressed up in the loot they gave the kids.

On The Homefront ~

I am working on September's calendar. It is bulging at the seams and gasping for breath.  In the next 5 weeks, we will be on vacation for one week to visit my Dad and Stepmother, going to Tomatis therapy for two weeks, Duke University for half a week, and all of our out-of-the-home classes get underway.  In addition, we have 7 doctor/therapy appointments besides 8 days of Tomatis....  I guess I should be happy that I am only double booked twice!

In The Way Of Learning ~

This week we took it easy and did lots of videos, hands-on projects and chapter books.  We made paper with Grandma one day to go along with our study of the Gutenberg press.

It dried a light shade of purple.

Another day we enjoyed the park.  We did a subject at the picnic table and then the kids slid down a super cool slide 10 times.  They went back and forth like that for about 4 subjects.

They sat on wax paper so they went extra fast down the slide.

One day Tom Sawyer really needed some sensory input so we played with shaving cream.  This was a real hit.

We also finished Pippi Longstocking this week and can't wait for the movie to come in the mail from Blockbusters Online.

In The Kitchen ~

Thanks to my little helper, Goldilocks, we got a whole lot of baking/cooking done in just three hours today. We made apple sauce, two zuccini breads, two banana breads, 24 cupcakes, cranberry sauce, cornbread stuffing, and froze several bags of celery for soups.  Goldilocks also divided potato chips into 24 bags, so we will have snack food for all of our on-the-road appointments in the next week or so.



We are blessed beyond measure to have plenty of food and healthy children.




  1. What a great job he did, and doesn't it do a weary mom''s heart good to hear such great comments from "outsiders?" :-) You prepared him well, too...Dawn, that doesn't just "happen," I don't believe! I hope he is feeling better soon.

    How precious to have a sweet daughter's help in the kitchen. Tell her that my vote is for the lovely pink-red cranberry that'll taste yummy with the dressing!


  2. Hope he feels better soon. I know mouth pain can be miserable. Looks like you had a good week despite a little surgery!

    Janet W

  3. I wish my mom was closer to help with all the fun projects! My dad has offered to teach Biology w/dissections next year, but they live an hour away and I can't imagine how we can make that work.

    I was popping in to tell you that the children's museum at Monticello is rather small, but packs a lot of hands-on activity into the area. Can't wait to see photos from your visit! Are you going anywhere else in the area? Colonial Williamsburg/Jamestown/Yorktown are only about an hour further east.

  4. So glad Tom Sawyer came through his surgery well. I hope he is pain-free by now.
    You always have so much going on, but are so good at preparing ahead. I have no doubt that your children are a blessing to many around them.
    All that food sounds wonderful!

  5. Way to go Tom Sawyer!!! (And Mom!)

    I love that your Mom was able to come help! How much fun is that?!

    Please contact me when you come to Duke so we can get together. :-) That would be so much fun!

    You did a great job in the kitchen. You must work a lot faster than I do. LOL


  6. You are a very busy family. All the baked items look wonderful.