Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Beauty and the Beast

The kids performed in "Beauty and the Beast" this past weekend. They all did an awesome job and had so much fun. The picture above really came out bad but it is the only group shot I got.

My father got much better pictures during the performance. This performance was based on the original story written in old French in the 1700s.  It resembles the more commonly known Disney version only slightly. Timothy was a guard who protected the queen and prince from assassins. (Timothy is in the front with the plaid hat on.)

Goldilocks was an invisible fairy who helped to serve dinner to Beauty's father. The fairies led the father to the Beast in order to try to break the curse. Goldilocks is the one in the middle with the cast on her hand.  I guess I will have to get around to blogging the story behind that one.

Once Beauty was brought to the magical palace to live with the Beast, she was cared for by parrots and monkeys. Every day she went to different rooms and saw a new entertainment. In one room was a classic ballet performance. Our Little Red Ridinghood was in this part of the show. She is the little one up front with the purple and pink tutu on.

In another of the rooms there was a gladiator battle. This was our Tom Sawyer's boy dance class. They were so energetic and exciting to watch! They really got into their characters. He is the one with the red plumage on his hat.

Here is one of their bows....

I just love this dance studio. It has been such a wonderful experience for my children to learn theater and dance through it. The kids are sad to see summer come because there are no more classes. We can not wait for next year. There is a rumor that we will be doing the Nutcracker again. I never envisioned myself as a backstage mom. However, I have become one. I love seeing my kids enjoying themselves on the stage and developing so many skills. They are building self-confidence and great work ethics (with all the rehearsals), in addition to learning so much about acting and dancing.



  1. Looks like a wonderful performance!!! I wish we could have come to it! It is fun watching your kids perform, isn't it?! I'm hoping to post pics soon of our performance.

    Congrats on a job well done. (And yes, we need the story on the cast!)


  2. It's great that you mentioned the older French version. When I first looked at their costumes, I thought, "What characters are they playing?" They look as if they had so much fun. I'm going to have to page through and see if I can find your summer plans. Our dance season will end in two weeks. Unlike your crew, I think we're all very ready for summer.

  3. Lovely costumes, looks like everyone had fun. cheers from New Zealand, Marie

  4. Oh that looks like sooooooo much fun! Yes, your kids are going have such grand memories. [o= Are things going to slow down for you all this summer? Or are things going to be busy still? Either way I hope you keep having fun.

    Blessings and ((HUGS))

  5. That looks like an amazing performance!

    I was thinking that it might be a good idea to try some dance and theater with my children. I'd kind of written it off before, thinking that they couldn't handle it. I think that if J could just push through any initial reservations he might have about it, he might really enjoy it. He's very creative and I'd love to have that as an outlet for him.

    I'm thinking out loud here, but I wondered how your children do with it. They certainly look comfortable in the pictures!

    Many blessings,