Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy Birthday, Tom Sawyer!

My little boy turned 9 on Friday. Does that mean he is not my little boy anymore? Be still my heart! He planned his own birthday party this year and even wrote out a schedule of events. I loved that the first thing on the list was to meet and greet his guests. I love to see the little host in him. He requested a sleepover and one of his guests was able to spend the night. The rest came just for the party. 

The highlight of the party was playing silly string and confetti egg war.  The kids had a great time making a total mess of the yard and themselves with the confetti eggs and silly string.

The kids also had fun breaking the pinata that was filled with pennies, nickels, dimes and high bouncing balls.  

It is wonderful that Tom Sawyer planned the activities for the party, because I needed all of my energy to figure out a tasty kid-friendly menu that would work around Tom Sawyer's complicated diet. We settled on organic, nitrite-free hot dogs, french fries and blackberries for dinner and organic sausages, strawberries, and hash browns for breakfast. The cake was the most difficult part. However, I found a bakery that made us a vegan (he's allergic to dairy and eggs), gluten-free lemon cake. The cake didn't even have any rice flour in it, which is good since he's allergic to rice as well as gluten. To my surprise, it was delicious and everyone liked it.

Happy Birthday, my sweet boy!



  1. I can't believe he's nine! It looks like a really fun party. That is amazing that you found a bakery cake without rice flour! What a find! After reading your last post, I meant to go look up confetti eggs because I'd never heard of them before. I remembered to look them up after reading this post. They look like fun but I can't see myself blowing out all of those eggs, so I hope my kids don't ever hear about them!

  2. Happy Birthday! The party sounds like a lot of fun! Great find on the cake too! BTW, I still think 9 is a little boy. (((Dawn))))

    Hugs to you friend!

  3. happy birthday Tom Sawyer!! I can't believe your nine already. You were just little when I met your mom through blogging!

  4. I love your Day in the Life posts, and the peek into your busy and productive world. The photo of you blowing out eggs was priceless!! What moms go through, huh?

    So glad that everyone is having fun on their birthdays, and the Biltmore Festival sounds like an amazing trip. I know what you mean about not being able to tie things together; you know a good bit of my life, my faithful blog reader (smile). Lately, it's been all I could do to get up and just get through our final 2-3 weeks. When I looked at your haiku examples, I thought, "Oh, yeah, we were supposed to do that!" Then I remembered that the oldest lost the two books that would have taken us to eastern Asia in the middle ages. Now with 3 weeks left and her beginning college courses this summer, I simply cannot pull it together to make some things happen that I really wanted to (heavy sigh)...

    Anyway, blessings!