Friday, July 15, 2011

The Homeschool Mother's Journal...Lovin' Summer

In My Life ~

For years I have only had one or two friends that lived near me and shared similar values to mine in parenting. This summer is different. I have made several new friends that homeschool and raise their children in a similar fashion to myself. It has been a very nice experience and an end to a long and sometimes lonely period in my life. It has been a nice time for my children, too. For the first time, they have more play dates than they ever expected.

In Our Homeschool ~

I have almost all of our lesson plans in order for the first few months of school. The excitement is building around here. Our math books arrived and they look good. We are trying Jump Math this year. However, the math looks too simple for Tom Sawyer so I will have to order the next level. We are enjoying the library summer program this year. This week we went to two programs, one on cats and one about Bangladesh. The second was really presented poorly, although the kids liked playing the stick game outside the library building.

My Favorite Thing This Week ~

We had a wonderful time going with friends to a mountain park with both a playground and a stream going through it. We all spent about an hour walking upstream in the creek to a little swimming hole.  The kids did their best to catch three lizards but they got away. While swimming under the water, Little Red Ridinghood came face to face with a school of fish. She got out real fast! LOL...  After playing in the stream, we enjoyed the playground. Tom Sawyer made it all the way across the swinging monkey bars for the first time.

Thoughts I have for this week ~

Tom Sawyer saw his doctor this week, and we talked a lot about how to keep him from losing weight.  He has lost two pounds on his special diet, and he didn't have a lot to spare in the first place. He also has had two extreme breakouts of hives in the last two weeks. We are trying to figure out what else he is allergic to. Right now we are adding grapeseed oil and pumpkin to the ever growing allergy list. He is still covered in hives from the incident three days ago. The doctor says there is a more extensive food test we can do that insurance doesn't pay for. We plan to do that. She also switched him to a stronger digestive enzyme, new multi-vitamin and more vitamin C.



  1. Praying that you are able to find out quickly what else he is allergic too.

    Sounds wonderful to have some close families nearby. Enjoy your time with them this summer!

  2. Oh what a challenge it is to have a child with allergies and health challenges. ( know believe me!) I pray you find your answers and find a good diet for him. ((HUGS))

    I am sooooooooo glad you found some wonderful like minded friends for your family to get together with. I pray that the Lord will bring someone our way. I really don't have anyone, sadly.

    Has it been warm where you are. It is one of the coldest summers I have known here. Hope the garden gets sun soon.

    I loved catching up with you.

    Blessings and ((HUGS))

  3. Those mountain pictures are fabulous! How wonderful it must be to share adventures like that with other like-minded families. So happy for you on that.

    Sorry Tom Sawyer is struggling with foods. It is so hard to figure it all out and feed them well with the obstacles. So glad you have a doctor to help you work through it. I hope you get it all worked out soon and his tummy is healed.

  4. My little girl had allergies like your son when she was younger. We've been very fortunate that most have gone away except for peanuts and penicillin. I hope it all gets figured out for you and Tom Sawyer!

    The playground and creek area looks AWESOME! How fun!

    And to find new friends...exciting!

    Stopping in from THMJ!

  5. What a fun place to explore! Hope the weight issue can be figured out.

  6. I'm so happy for you for the new friends in your life! I wish we lived closer together and could hang out!

    Looks like a really fun outing - especially during these hot days.

    Praying you for answers for the allergies. You are an awesome mom!