Thursday, November 17, 2011

Friday Wrap-Up ~ Socialization

What's on My Mind

Homeschoolers are often asked if they are worried about socialization or how their kids are socialized.  Actually, I rarely get this question; but when I do, it always amazes me.  Usually it is asked by someone in a social setting where my kids are obviously being socialized -- such as dance class, the pool, or Wal-Mart.  (Why do people in Wal-Mart think they can ask you and say anything to you they like?).  The definition of "socialization" is ~ A continuing process whereby an individual acquires a personal identity and learns the norms, values, behavior and social skills appropriate to his or her social positionThis means that we are all being socialized from infancy through death by the people we interact with daily. 

I recently had a most interesting conversation with a mother who is considering homeschooling.  Her son is being adversely socialized in the public school system, so she wanted to homeschool him.  However, her main concern was that he would miss future socialization opportunities by being homeschooled!  I assured her he would have ample opportunities.  In fact, I had just been thinking to myself that I needed to find a way for my children to socialize a bit less so I could get my kids through their lessons.  LOL!  With all that in mind ~ Here is our very social but also very typical week.

Last Weekend ~

Our oldest child (21) was invited to an awards ceremony for volunteers of the nature center where he has logged thousands of volunteer hours since he was 12 years old.  He has the record of the longest running volunteer that attended the party.  He received gifts of a new scarf, wild flowers seeds, and a huge manual on Wild Life Rehabilitation (a strong interest of his). 

 My camera was really acting up, so
I did not get any decent pictures of my own kids.

Also last weekend, our younger three attended a multi-generational party for a two year old and five year old.  They have known both children all of their lives, and we cared for the two year old in foster respite twice in infancy.  (Her foster mom had to be out of town for a few days, so we got to love on her.)

Monday ~
One of our children had her weekly speech therapy and vision therapy appointments.  Our other children talked with other kids in the waiting rooms.  Our sons also had dance/fencing classes that evening.

Tuesday ~

We got together with some other homeschooling friends and made our Operation Christmas Child boxes.  Lots of socializing going on during that.  Later in the day, our oldest daughter had dance class.

Wednesday ~

The kids went to a weekly library program that is attended by about 20 regulars.  They made all kinds of gross concoctions in class that day.  The wonderful librarians knew that my son had food allergies and had gloves ready for him so he would not be affected by the cornstarch.  That was so touching to me.  Our oldest also had rehearsals for the Nutcracker that evening. 

Thursday ~
Our oldest worked all day at his volunteer job and our youngest daughter attended ballet class.

The Next Few Days ~
Over the next few days, we have three doctor appointments, five hours of Nutcracker rehearsal, a parade to attend and a Mystery Murder Birthday Party that my oldest will be attending.  There will also be socializing at church on Sunday.  Then it will be Monday and another, similar week begins!  Now, anyone want to ask me if homeschooled kids are getting enough socialization?



  1. Amen, sister! :-))) I am so tired of hearing that same complaint about homeschooing, as well.

    Many blessings,

  2. its going to be that kind of day ... thought I asked you if the picture was a view from your home and then went to check your profile in case it was in there and you thought I was a little slow ;) but the comment disappeared (possibly confirming that i am in fact losing my mind)

    anyway, yes, we are too social most days ... its hard to say no :) btw, my blog has two sides, this takes you to the main page and i don't know how to change it!

  3. Isn't it funny (about Walmart)? I've gotten more comments about homeschooling and socialization from the cashiers and baggers at the grocery store! It always amuses me! LOL

    Congratulations to your oldest for his volunteering!

  4. Excellent discussion of socialization. Even if we accept the false definition of socialization (hanging out with peers), if anyone asks me if socialization is a problem, I'm tempted to say, "You're darn right, it's a problem. My kids socialize so much it's almost wears them out. They should just spend 45 minutes a day with their friends, at lunch, like everybody else." :-P Off to Google Operation Christmas Child.

  5. LOL... no, I would say they were getting plenty socialization. I am not sure why parents think that if their kids don't learn socialization skills from other kids the exact same age that they will be impaired for life. I have seen the average kid, and I don't want my kids learning their socialization skills from them!

  6. I sometimes think my family has too much socialization:)

    Great post!

  7. How wonderful of the librarian to remember your childs needs. We use to go to all the programs the library had to offer when the kids were little. It was always awesome.
    Congrats to your oldest! I sure wish our wildlife center was closer. My youngest wants to volunteer.

  8. Loved that the librarian remembered your sons needs!!! What a sweet heart she has!

    Sounds like y'all have plenty going on. Having met your kids - socialization is not a problem!

    Hugs to you friend!

  9. I was thinking along those lines the other day when we were at the pool.
    Learning to share the swim lanes, meeting new children that you want to befriend, learning to be aware of the people around you so you don't splash them... all learning to live in the world, hmm?

  10. What a great librarian! Our library is under par :(

    I hope that you had a lovely Thanksgiving!

  11. I think just this post should de-bunk the socialization myth about homeschooling!!! Sounds like a very fun week!

  12. What a great post! This is the first thing people bring up when you mention homeschooling! I love how loving, caring and serving you are teaching your children to be. Thanks for visiting You are such an inspiration!