Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real ~ Weather in the Mountains

Pretty ~ We attempted our annual Christmas photo this week.  It was a total failure, but we had a lovely time out in nature.  One thing that is amazing about living in Appalachia is how going up or down a thousand feet in elevation can really change the temperature. 

I thought this was the perfect winter backdrop for my Christmas photo.  At our home a thousand feet below, it was also pretty but in the 60's on that particular day.  It was a whole different story on the Parkway.

Happy ~ I am always happy to see my husband enjoying himself out in nature.  He is surrounded by chaos at work and usually doesn't see the outdoors for eight hours a day (doesn't even have a window to look out).  We're not complaining, though. We do feel very blessed that he has a good job with benefits.

My hubby with large icicle

Funny ~ I took at least 20 pictures and they were all rather pitiful and funny.  Considering my time constraints, I may have just thrown in the towel and used one, but I am a professional photographer's daughter.  No, I will have to do better.  I will have to try again.  We were trying to take a picture with both dogs, too.  I know, I am totally nuts.  Every time our oldest child tried to kneel behind the little ones, a dog jumped on him.  Then there was the issue of the kid that would not take his jacket off.  I had to pay him 25 cents to remove his coat in some of the pictures!  Oh, the shadows were not helping me, either. Here are a couple attempts.  LOL!


Is it just me or does this one look totally crooked? 

Real ~ Our carrots are still growing and doing great.  I am pleased with my tiny fall garden.  The kids just pick a carrot when they are hungry.  Of course, Boomer (dog) has learned how to pick them when he is hungry, too.  He is ALWAYS hungry!

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  1. Wow, the scenery is just breathtaking! How blessed you are to live in the mountains! Just gorgeous! And it is awesome that you still have food growing in your garden. We had some very early and unexpected snow here in PA (back in October), and everything that was left in our garden died. :-(

    Can't wait to see more family pics. I think the ones you have came out pretty good, though!

    Many blessings,

  2. Yes, your scenery is very dramatic. Keep trying with the photos!

  3. Beautiful backdrop for your family photos! It's hard to get a great group shot, isn't it?! We often just try to go with the best one. One of my friends photoshops heads to get a perfect picture. I kind of like the ones with the story behind them - like the ones you posted! Those are the ones that give us memories and stories to laugh about.

  4. I love your attitude. Your photos are great! Do you have Picasa? You can download it for free, and your photos will be organized in it. You can edit there. One feature I often use is "straighten" because I'm always holding the camera at a funny angle, and windows, horizons, and tables are often leaning... :)

  5. Much better than anything we would come up with. We never do posed photos, so should the need arise for a "Smile" picture they turn out very, very weird. :)