Friday, April 13, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up ~ Fun at the Baseball Field

I have no idea how to make collages on Photobucket with the new upgrades, so this is the best I could do.  I don't make a collage for a week and everything changes, sheesh. Does anyone know how to make collages on Photobucket?

We had a great time going to Education Day at our local baseball field with friends.  We had great seats right behind home plate.  Tom Sawyer got to play one of the games on the field between innings.  He won by a landslide!  I asked him if he was nervous getting up in front of the crowds, and he said he didn't have time to get nervous.

We started the week off with a little bit of drama.  Our old, almost blind dog got into a disagreement with a bird.  She pulled its flight feathers out of its tail and laid down to take a nap with them.  The bird, who was most upset, pecked our old dog's head.  LOL!  I think the bird was already hurt or else our dog would not have been able to get those tail feathers!  However, we had to stop lessons and rush the poor bird off to the nature center.  They said his tail feathers would grow back and they would rehabilitate him.

Our oldest son had a birthday this week.  He has had such a year of growth.  Training his dog, Boomer, is often a full-time job and keeps him very busy.  His friendships continue to grow and the phone is often for him.  He is still active with his fencing group and very much looks forward to attending the classes twice a week.  Tim is enjoying the TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) program he started this spring at the local community college.  It is turning out to be a wonderful place for him.  He attends the program three days a week.  This summer marks 10 years of ongoing volunteer work with the local nature center.  We are very proud of all he is doing and his many successes.

We are busy studying all things prairie.  The kids continue to enjoy Little House on the Prairie, and we added in an Indian unit study focused around Meet Kaya.  I am making up the Indian unit study as we go.  This week we built a teepee from a kit and made our own beaded Indian nameplates.  The kids chosen names are Princess Brown Bear, Brick Builder, and Princess Soft Breeze. 

In science we learned about the circulatory system, blood types, the make up of blood and the jobs of blood.  We made a model of blood.  The model is made of red hot candies (red blood cells), lima beans (platelets), lentil beans (white blood cells) and corn syrup (plasma).

Yes!  Our plumbing is all fixed; the new ceiling is in; and we even have crown molding now!  I can't wait to put my kitchen back together.  It has been a long couple of weeks.  I am always amazed how a remodel of a small space results in stuff spread all over the house.  Oh, and drywall dust ~ need I say more?!  We LOVE our contractor, though.  This is the fourth job he has done for us, and he just works so well with a family underfoot.  It must come with being the youngest of 13 himself.

Well, that wraps up our week.  We will be commemorating the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic this weekend with a dinner.  I look forward to sharing our event with you soon.  I am joining homegrown learners and Weird, unsocialized homeschoolers this week.

Blessings, Dawn


  1. Dawn! I totally know your frustration. They changed everything! I figurexiy out a couple of weeks ago and then switched back to using Photo Collage on my iPhone. If I get a sec over the weekend I will let you know what I did. The collage feature is kind of hidden now in Photobucket,

    And - it doesn't have to be a formal collage, just a variety of pics of your week (which you did!).

  2. That's wild about your dog and the bird! I'm glad that the bird will be okay.

    Happy Birthday to Tim!

    I love your crown molding, and the color of your walls is beautiful, too.

  3. I use Picasa for my collages. I am glad you were able to save the bird and that you knew where to take it. I am not sure I would know a place here. Happy Birthday, Tim! He looks so happy! Congratulations on his accomplishments. We are reading the Little House series now too, and learning about Indians. Your ceiling, crown molding and the color of your walls are all very beautiful.

  4. Love your week! Glad the bird is okay:) We are huge fans of all things Little House here. Your remodel is looking great!

  5. Your new ceiling looks great! My daughter has read The Little House series and enjoyed them very much. We're doing Canadian History this year, so will be taking a field trip to a local Indian Village and doing some hands on, building a long house.

  6. I just LOVE seeing all the fun activities other homeschooling families are up too- what a great week!

    (Also, I am a member of Flikr (, which doesn't cost too much, and use Big Huge Labs ( to make all my collages. It is all rather easy, so it might be something you look into. I still us Picasa to edit my pictures. I know that seems like a lot, but for me pictures are SO IMPORTANT to my blog, so I see these tools as an investment...)