Thursday, April 12, 2012

What We Eat ~ Grain-Free Living!

One of my friends keeps asking me what we eat.  One of her children may need to go on a similar diet to ours, and she wonders whether they will starve to death.  I must admit that I worried about this a year ago, too!  Just to recap,  our son can't eat grains (wheat, rice, corn, barley, rye, oats and any others I missed), all nuts, soy, olives, shellfish, and yeast.  He can only have small amounts of chocolate and eggs baked into food. He can have dairy, but the cheese has to be fresh, such as mozzarella, rather than aged.  In addition, we eat as much organic as we can.  I do this for health reasons and also to reduce chemicals in our diet.  We do our best to eat grass-fed beef and cage-free chickens.  Our son is so sensitive to corn that even eating caged chickens who have eaten a corn diet affects him.  We are completely organic with dairy, potatoes and meat.  We are 75% organic with fruit and 50% organic with vegetables.  We generally drink tea for breakfast and water for lunch, snacks and dinner.  Sometimes we have milk for dinner, if I feel like our calorie intake for the day has been low.  We have juice one time a week (usually for our Friday field trip).

Here is what we ate last week: 


Tom Sawyer:
(I use Red Mills All Purpose Gluten-Free Flour to make the bread and Against the Grain bagels. We use Stonyfield organic yogurt.)

Sun -- Grain-free banana bread, two cuties (small tangerines), and cup of milk.
Mon -- Same as above.
Tues -- Organic strawberry yogurt, banana, homemade sausage, black tea.
Wed -- Homemade sausage, bagel, cutie, black tea.
Thur -- Against the grain bagel, two cuties, strawberry yogurt, milk.
Fri -- Against the grain bagel, banana, frozen organic raspberries, milk.
Sat -- Organic hot dog, frozen organic blackberries, bagel, milk.

The rest of the family: 

Sun -- Same as Tom Sawyer.
Mon -- Same as Tom Sawyer.
Tues -- Same as Tom Sawyer.
Wed -- Homemade sausage,  Natures Own bagel, banana, tea.
Thur -- Same as Tom Sawyer (but the bagel was Natures Own, less expensive).
Fri -- Organic Peanut Butter Bumpers cereal, milk, banana.
Sat -- Yogurt, eggs, and hash browns (homemade).

Tom Sawyer:

Sun -- Hamburger with cheese, carrots, water.
Mon -- Miracle noodles with Earth Fare spaghetti sauce and meat balls.
Tues -- Ground turkey burger on a against the grain bagel, salad (no dressing).
Wed -- Same as Wednesday but with cucumbers rather than salad.
Thur -- Grain-free banana bread, Hormel ham slices, cheese and apple slices.
Fri -- Potato chips, cheese slices, apples and carrots.
Sat -- Potato chips, hot dogs, Annie's organic gummy bunnies, pears, and organic grape soda.

The rest of the family:

Sun -- Same as Tom Sawyer.
Mon -- Same as Tom Sawyer.
Tues -- Same as Tom Sawyer except we used rice.
Wed -- Same as Tom Sawyer except we used Natures Own bread.
Thur -- Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
Fri -- Same as Tom Sawyer.
Sat -- Same as Tom Sawyer.


    We all had the same thing, except that when rice or tortillas are mentioned, Tom Sawyer would have had Miracle Noodles or fried potatoes.

    Sun -- Fish fry (fish dipped in Quinoa flour and fried in oil other than olive as Tom Sawyer is allergic to olives), green beans and organic french fries.
    Mon -- Ham dinner with organic ham, pineapple, grain-free banana bread, green beans and homemade cranberry sauce.
    Tues -- Quinoa macaroni, ham and cheese casserole (see photo) with apple slices and cucumbers.
    Wed -- Taco night with tortillas or fried potatoes, ground beef spiced with homemade taco seasoning, cheese, salsa, tomatoes and lettuce.
    Thur -- Turkey meatloaf made of organic ground turkey with crushed potato chips, ketchup and Italian seasoning and salad.
    Fri -- Chef salad bar ~ lettuce, ham, turkey, cheese, tomatoes, carrots, celery, sunflower seeds and raisins.
    Sat -- Organic hot dogs, organic fries, and fruit salad (cuties, apples and blackberries).


    For dessert, the kids had Breyer's natural ice cream, Annie's Gummy Bunnies or homemade hot chocolate.  For snack, they had cheese, raisins, sunflower seeds, popcorn (everyone except Tom Sawyer) or potato chips.

    Blessings, Dawn


      1. Are you making your banana bread? if so, would you care to share the recipe? Where are you buying Against the Grain bagels? And how do you like the taste?

        Have you converted your kitchen to be grain free? I'm working on that now and its a little daunting to consider getting rid of SO MUCH stuff!!!

        Thanks for sharing this (and looking forward to your picture study!).


      2. Now see that was not so hard Hee hee,

        Two questions,
        1. what kind of chips?
        2. How typical is this week do you have like recipes of things you make, or is it all broken up individual foods for each meals like this week?

        oh and a third, what the heck was that last photo of?
        Next time label the photos, please,

        very good job thanks, kristi

      3. That was very helpful! My brother's children have similar restrictions in their diet. I think I'll share this post with my sil.

      4. I've been waiting for this post! I don't know why, but I find it so interesting to read what others on restricted diets eat. I'm completely grain-free now, but my kiddos aren't. I'd like to transition them but, honestly, I'm scared! :)