Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pirate Camp

Tom Sawyer had a fantastic time at Pirate Day Camp.  They did so many things and he learned lots of new skills.  They started with solid wood blocks and made guns (using all sorts of tools that he had never used before).  They also learned some of the basics of Aerial Arts.  Tom Sawyer learned how to swing like a sailor on ropes and do simple flips on ropes.  They painted lots of tiny pirate figurines and set up elaborate battle scenes.  All of the children talked about gun safety and how to handle swords safely.  Tom Sawyer enjoyed the acting lessons and doing role playing games.  It was a great mix of arts and crafts and acting skills throughout the week.

On the last day, the kids went to the camp leader's home and had a pirate day.  They came in pirate costumes, ate pirate food, walked the plank into the ocean (went swimming in the pool), had lots of role playing pirate battles, and cooked raw meat on swords over an open fire.  What a dream come true for a boy!  He wants to go for two weeks next year!

There was one problem at the beginning of the week.  A child who has been having issues with Tom Sawyer for months was in the camp.  The boy basically tries to control several other boys through gifts and bribes.  Tom Sawyer had refused to cave under his demands a few weeks ago.  This resulted on the boy making lots of efforts to turn other boys against Tom Sawyer.  The camp leader put a stop to the nonsense and everyone had a good week.  I am so pleased with Tom Sawyer standing up to this boy and holding his own in this complicated social situation.  He remained calm and true to himself.  In the end, it all worked out well.

Does anyone else think this boy looks like he fell out of  Renaissance Northern Italy in this particular picture?

Blessings, Dawn

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  1. Love the photo!! I can't believe how quickly he is growing up!!

    I'm thrilled he had such a good time and that the leader put a stop to the other boy's nonsence. I wish I could go to camp like that!!