Saturday, August 18, 2012

Week 3 ~ Friday Wrap-Up

On My Mind ~ This week was filled with questions and very few answers.  I am going to have to let go (again ~ this seems to be a hard lesson for me) and remember that God will take care of us.  We did get an answer to our most important question and the rest I will just have to wait and see.  In other news, our minivan seems to have died.  For now we are going to explore the bus system and continue to save up for a new vehicle.  We shall see how well it all goes and how long we can hold out.

Where We Are Going ~ We just returned from a few days at Duke and Ronald McDonald House.  Timothy's pacemaker is wearing out and will need to be replaced in the near future.  The most important question was whether the cause of his tiredness was the pacemaker battery being so low.  Apparently, he isn't tired because of his heart or pacemaker.  It seems the nasty virus our family had just took a real toll on him.  The doctors believe that he will need a new pacemaker some time in the next 6 months.  We will check his pacemaker by phone monthly, and they will let us know when it is time.  We should get a few weeks notice.

While at Duke, we visited the Life and Science Museum.  We love this museum.  We only did the outdoor exhibits and butterfly conservatory this time.  The kids loved the butterflies.  We went on the train ride and played in the "catch the wind" section as well.  We also got to see the kids' grandparents who came down for the few days at Duke.  That was an extra special treat.
The kids had a blast swimming in the hotel pool where their grandparents stayed.  They are really getting better at swimming and could have stayed in for hours, if time had allowed.

People We are Seeing ~ Besides seeing the grandparents, we saw my husband's sister and family earlier in the week.  It was wonderful to see them.  They had not seen our younger set of children since they were toddlers and preschoolers.  We had a great time showing them around our moutain city.

In Our Homeschool ~ Remarkably, we got math done every single day of the week.  The kids love math that much!  We also started our unit study, On the Banks of Plum Creek from the Laura Ingalls series. We are using Prairie Primer just as we did with the earlier books and still enjoying it.  The first three days we made it through our entire routine of learning.  The last two days of the week we were at Duke Medical Center and only did math, P.E., field trips and lessons in patience.  Our nature study this week was willow trees, and we were lucky to have one right in our neighbor's yard.

Counting Blessings ~ Timothy is safe in the care of good doctors.  We are blessed to have a bus system in our town to explore while we adjust to one vehicle (the vehicle does not hold our entire family).  We were blessed with safe travels.  We were able to see relatives we had not seen in a long time.  Everyone has returned to good health.  We managed to get lots of school done even with all of the extra happenings.  We were able to stay at Ronald McDonald House (RMH) once again.  This is such a wonderful blessing.  In the more than a decade of staying there, we have seen RMH go through so much growth.  They are currently doubling their size and the renovation is amazing.  Even during this massive renovation, the house has stayed open.  With the help of volunteers, the growing pains of the house is smooth.  What a blessing all of the volunteers are to the house and people who are staying there!

I am joining Homegrown Learners.

Blessings, Dawn


  1. Dawn, your family, especially Timothy are in our prayers. I am so sorry about your van. It looks like you had a lot of good this week too! I love that Weeping Willow and that museum looks amazing. We love butterfly gardens! Have a great week.

  2. Praying for your son's pacemaker situation. I'm sure that it is hard. The museum trip sounded like fun! We have been blessed with several Ronald McDonald visits and despite the hospital the stay there was always helpful.

  3. Love your positive attitude. Praying for y'all as you wait to hear about the pacemaker. I know that must be hard. (((Dawn))) Glad you had great visits with family.

    Do you know if there are things that would bless the RMH? New books? I have a box of children's books. Other things? we are trying to simplify and I would love to share.