Friday, October 5, 2012

Week 10 ~ Moving Right Along!

On My Mind ~ We still do not have an offer on our current home!  I am a little disappointed, but most of our friends think we should rent anyway.  We really do not want to do that.  We would rather have a chunk of money to put directly into the new home.  However, I am at peace and know that God will take care of us.  We will hang in there on the market for a few months.  We had the appraisal on the new house and now will have to see what repairs we can get Fannie Mae to make.  We are pretty sure they will do the electrical repairs (missing switch plates and fixtures ripped out of the ceiling).  A Homepath foreclosed home is supposed to be safe and livable so exposed wires won't be approved.  We will be talking to the realtor over the weekend and see what we can get them to do.  We would love it if they would prune back some of the trees from the house, but they are not likely to approve that.  My favorite things about the new house this week is the playground, basketball hoop, and the wood already stacked and ready for the wood burning stoves (there are two in the house).
Our Homeschool ~ We had a good week.  We did homeschooling with an emphasis on de-cluttering.  I am attempting to go VHS free in the new house.  For the next week or so, the kids will be watching an hour of educational videos as part of their education.  In this way, I will be able to get rid of some videos that I have been hanging onto for the right moment.  The right moment has come.  The kids watched Rossini, Little Lord Fauntleroy, and Tall Tales and Legends Davy Crockett.  Goldilocks finished another workbook.  She loves workbooks and gets very excited when she is nearing the end of one.  She also loves to do school in strange positions.  She recited her spelling words while hanging upside down this week.  I am okay with her goofy ways as long as she is getting the school work correct.  Tom Sawyer will be done with his current level of "Teaching Textbooks" next week.  I am going to have him take a break from "Teaching Textbooks" while he gets his times tables memorized. Tom Sawyer is also reading and enjoying a graphic Bible right now.  Our family has started reciting the Jabez Prayer each day.  It's a nice prayer and is very comforting in this time of so many unknowns.  The highlight of the week was making balloon animals and buildings.  This was another activity that has been collecting dust on the shelves.  We also kept up with our unit study, On the Shores of Silver Lake.
"Oh, that You would bless me indeed,
and enlarge my territory,
that Your hand would be with me,
and that You would keep me from evil,
that I may not cause pain."

Counting Blessings ~ We had several more showings this week.  For the most part, people are pleased with what they see.  I have a feeling we are priced a bit too high.  We will make a decision on the price after our open house next weekend.  We are blessed to have many people praying for a smooth transition.  I am so thankful for all of the resources I have found recently.  Also, I have been blessed to pack some precious memories this week.  It was delightful to go through old papers and pictures from my college years.

I am joining Homegrown Learners.

Blessings, Dawn


  1. Sorry you haven't had an offer on your house but I love your attitude. You are right, God will provide. He has for us for months. I love wood burning stoves and I hope you get the improvements that you need paid for. We have tons of VHS tapes I need to get rid of too. We don't even have a VHS player now. The balloon animal is great. Keilee loves making those. Have a wonderful weekend Dawn.

  2. I will continue to pray that you find a buyer soon!! You're on week ten, we just finished week two and I took two days off this week. Thursday was the closing at noon and literally at 10am they were telling us we couldn't close. I was so stressed out. Kevin told me to take Friday off and relax. I cleaned up the house and did some shopping for things that we needed that I hadn't wanted to buy until we were sure that we were closing. I bought another bookcase for the schoolroom and a shelving unit to hold some of our crafts and games. I have a feeling I will need more!! lol

  3. I love how you make the most of every situation! You always encourage me! Praying for your transition to go smoothly and for a buyer to come quickly!