Sunday, June 17, 2007

Counting My Blessings Sunday #2

In honor of Father's Day, this Sunday I am going to count the blessings my husband has given the children and me.

1.) My husband truly wants to be and strives to be the very best father he can be.

2.) He loves reading the kids bedtime stories which allows me to be off duty just a little bit earlier.  (He has even taken over bath time most nights.)

3.)  He enjoys working out with our teenager and teaching him how to live a healthy lifestyle.

4.) My husband truly appreciates the gift of having our wonderful yet special needs children to raise and says so often.

5.)  My husband lacks all those horrible vices that trap some men (drugs, drinking, smoking, laziness, lying, cheating, pornography, etc.).  This makes for a great role model for the kids.

6.)  He has a strong work ethic and completely supports having me stay home to raise the kids, even though that means we (especially he) goes without some of the newer things that he/we want.

7.) He has spent several nights holding a child who had the stomach flu and caring for all their needs so that Mommy could get a little sleep.

Oh dear, we are at 7 already!  I wasn't done yet, but since that is the theory behind this entry, I will stop here.  Oh, I do have to add that he does dishes, laundry, bakes bread and actually likes ironing!  This man's a keeper!

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