Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Two Weeks of WW II

I decided to do a two week unit study on World War II with my big teen.  He has been studying this period of time for a while on his own, but I thought I would tie up the loose ends with him.  In other words, I wanted to make sure he was really learning something.  Well, here we are three days into our unit study, and so far I have discovered that I know very little and my son knows all that I know and much more on this topic.  LOL  We are having a great time, anyway.  I decided to have him make a timeline of the war, complete with pictures, listen to some radio broadcasts he didn't know we have, read Eva's story (best friend to Anne Frank), watch several movies on WWII, and read my college papers on some of the unsung heroes of the war.  In addition, we will be digging through our family history to look at real "v mail" and reading about my great uncle's experiences in his own words.  We will finish up the two weeks with a WWII day of activities from A History With 21 Activities: World War II for Kids.  This book has some really interesting things to do.  We plan on making butter extender, camouflaging a bike, making a recruiter poster, learning how to extinguish an incendiary bomb (using a potato), playing a mortar game, making a hiding spot in our house and learning the physics of dropping a bomb.  If time and funds allow, we will go to Whitwell, TN to see the paper clip project.  This is a moving memorial to all of the Holocaust victims that was made by a middle school class.  You can learn more at  Wow! I better go get the teen out of bed so we can get to work for the day!


  1. I just watned to let you know that I am reading your blog. I enjoy hearing about all that is going on in your life. We are getting ready to move in less than three weeks. We'll leave for Colorado next week to say goodbye to family and then it's home to pack and we are off. My phone number will stay the same for a little while and Kevin already sent our new email address out so you should have that. Have a great summer! Love to all!

  2. Thanks for sharing!

  3. We watched the Dvd and read the book based on the project. Very moving! Wish we could see this in real life!