Saturday, June 2, 2007

Our Year in Review

First, I just want to say, Hurray for the new server!  My blog is pulling up easily!

I have been meaning to write down our year in review for a few weeks but haven't gotten to it until now.  We finished up for the most part a few weeks ago, and my son did his end of year testing yesterday. This was one of the best years we have had!  So here is some of what we did.

My teenager is loving biology.  We will be finishing this course up over the summer.  By the time we are done, we will have dissected a cow's eye, cow's heart, frog, and a starfish.  He also has a fancy new microscope for studying the micro world.  He was promoted to an intern at his volunteer job at the Nature Center.  This job has been a wonderful opportunity for him, and his boss says so many glowing things about him that it really makes my heart sing.  In addition, he loved our literature and film-based English program and the Meet the Masters Art Program this year.  He continues to do great in his homeschool chess club and enjoyed homeschool geography class.  Lastly, he did a great job in his acting classes and will be going on to perform in a play soon.  Good job, son, we are so proud of you!

The little ones had a good year, too.  Goldilocks (6) was a kindergartner this year and Tom Sawyer (5) and Little Red Ridinghood (3) had fun doing preschool.  They enjoyed Before Five in a Row and working through lots and lots of arts and crafts projects.  They also enjoyed doing their Muzzy Spanish program.  Tom Sawyer is starting to read and his writing is coming along.  He can now spell his whole name without help.  Goldilocks has made some progress with the healing of her heart (from RAD and PTSD, see earlier blogs for her story) and did well in her homeschool art class.  She will be starting in our local homeschool choir next fall.  Little Red Ridinghood loves sitting in on our lessons and knows her ABC's and 123's.  She is really blooming into a little dancer, and I will be looking for a dance class for her next fall.  All in all, a great year!  I will post our plans for next year soon.


  1. Sounds like all of you had a great year. Hope you have a great summer.

  2. What a great idea to blog about! I think I'll do the same-but we still have about 9 weeks left. My 6 yr old dd learned to read this year, so that's a big think to blog about! Thanks for the idea!

  3. Oh that sweet feeling of progress!! It's good to evaluate how far you come in a year--especially when you feel bogged down and you think that you're just spinning your wheels. Keep up the good work!!

    Blessings! Kris

  4. It sounds like you had a great homeschool year. Some years are like that and some are like ours has been, spending extra time on difficult concepts and falling short of our goals. But then again that is the beauty of homeschool. When you do fall short you can just keep going. Thanks for stopping by today. Hope you have a blessed week.