Thursday, June 14, 2007

Funny things said around our house this week!

My funny Tom Sawyer (5) is an endless source of funny sayings.  Today he said that I was one of his favorite things right up there next to candy!  He also told me that he was so proud of me every morning when I manage to open my eyes.   He is a very early riser and sometimes stands by my side of the bed cheering me on for a long time before I actually get up.  He always says, "Good job, Mom!"

Oh! Here's a challenge!  He would like to know the address to GOD'S parents so he can send them a thank you note.  He wants to thank them for doing such a good job raising GOD!  He is very serious about the letter.  Any ideas?  My friend suggested a balloon with a note addressed to heaven.  I like that!




  1. He He, too cute! Out of the mouth of babes comes such funnies!!!

  2. My little guy (also five) says cute stuff like this, too. You *could* take this opportunity to explain that God doesn't have parents. (Just a thought.) Or you could suggest the method Hezekiah used to share a letter with God. (2 Kings 19:14)

  3. That last comment was me, Stephanie10.