Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ballet, Fencing, and Swimming ~ Oh, My

It is that time again.  To see more Show and Tell's, go to Canadagirl.  We are a few weeks into our out-of-the-home classes and all is going well.  We decided that all of the kids would do some kind of sport for their out-of-home class this year. 

Our smallest dd (4) is taking a combo ballet/tap class this year.  This is her second year of dance at this studio and she loves it.  We were very blessed to find a dance ministry that teaches the children to glorify God through dance.  I love that she is learning to use dancing to bless others.  They go to nursing homes several times a year.  Here she is in dance class.

My dd (7) and ds (6) are taking swimming lessons this year.  I am truly excited about this because it was very hard taking three non-swimmers to the pool last summer by myself.  Drowning Mommy is just not a good idea!  Both children are signed up for classes at the YWCA.  Tom Sawyer is taking private swimming lessons, which are expensive.  We are so blessed that there is a little pocket of money with his adoption agreement that will pay for some special things that he needs because of the abuse he received before coming into foster care.  Tom Sawyer has cerebral palsy because of the abuse from his birth mother in the moments after his birth (born at home).  Having private swimming lessons is critical, because his muscles just give out all of a sudden.  Having his teacher right next to him is a life saver!  Here he is with his lovely teacher.

Goldilocks is enjoying her swimming lessons, too.  She has already made it to level two.  We are very proud of her.  In the past, she would not have been able to make it in a class because of behavior and distractions.  Here she is in her class getting ready to climb up to jump off the diving board! cameras are great, but they are hard to get the timing right!  The splash in the fourth pool photo is Goldilocks!

The big teen is taking a fencing class.  He has wanted to try fencing for a long time, and he is very excited that we found a class just a few miles from our home.  Here they are learning how to hold their weapon (a foil) for the first time.  He is the one in the grey.

Blessings, Dawn


  1. How awesome is this?! Don't you just love it when you find a christian organization in the field your child enjoys? It makes it so much easier to participate.

    I love the dance pictures. I've been to services where the worship included dancers ~ my husbands cousin ~ and it was absolutely wonderful! I haven't ever experienced anything like that!!

    We watched fencing during the olympics this year for the first time. It's something!!! My 10 yr old would love that!!!

    Praise the Lord on the swimming classes. I love it when He provides like that!!!

    Thanks for sharing,


  2. How wonderful to see all the different activites the kids are involved in. I am especially glad to see your ds with cp in the water! I have cp also from the same. Water is the best way to get the muscle and mind together. You may want to look for a horse program for him as well. The horse does all the lateral movements necessary to aide in proper coordination. I still have problems with muscles just letting go. But I am not the vegetable I was labeled to be. Lots of hard work ahead for all of you. Well worth the journey.What a blessing for your ds to be in your care and love.

  3. I love your pictures. I have added a few extras this year also. Allysa started a class at the local college, Becky is still taking guitar lessons, Izaac is playing flag football through an organization called "upwards". Gracie is taking gymnastics. Jordan is taking gymnastics and flag football (and still can't sit still!) We haven't found Nina a dance class yet, because like you I want something non secular. I wrote a new post, check it out when you get a chance.



  4. These are all great activities! We would love to try out some new things (okay, I would love for the boys to try out some new things, lol), but they won't give up pipes and dance and those keep me-and them- busy enough.

    Love, Love, *LOVE* the 4 year old in her dress - too cute!!! Swimming is great - I hope they enjoy it! But the one my boys may give their right arms for is the fencing - they have *ALWAYS* wanted to do that. Lucky boy!

    Have a wonderful weekend!



  5. Ohhhhh that all looks like sooooooooo much FUN !!! I am glad all is enjoying their sports !! Curling and hs swimming is about to start soon !

    Blessings and ((HUGS)) my SSiC

    In Him<><


  6. WOW! Looks like a lof of great lessons going on with your crew! The ballet class sounds wonderful- using dance to give glory to God and to go to the nursing homes. How great is that! The swimming class is also great especially since it helps his muscles so. The fencing class looks really neat too! What fun in learning!

    Have a great weekend!


  7. It looks like you're doing some very good running around. I so wish we had a YMCA by us. I'm so happy that your son can take the lessons he needs.

    We too do piano and gym outside the home. the kids love it and I get a much needed break.

    thanks for sharing

  8. I just posted the last comment and forgot to sign my name!

    Jenny (jacstew)

  9. What wonderful opportunities! I love the fact that the nursing home is a focus for the girl's dancing. Beautiful.


  10. Your daughter looks so beautiful in her ballet dress. Goldilocks and Tom Sawyer look like they are doing so well with their swimming lessons. I see how patiently she is waiting her turn. How cool is fencing! How neat you found something of interest for your oldest. Great idea for P.E. credit and a bit of history thrown in and maybe even drama.

  11. Wow! You all are busy! The fencing class sounds really neat.

  12. Your kids look so sweet doing their extra curriculars. That is cool that you found a fencing class for your son. It will be fun to watch him progress in that unique sport, won't it?


  13. Oh my, this takes me back...I started my almost 19 yr old in Ballet when she was 4. It accomplished all we wanted for her. And I remember all those swim necessary. Grandparents either lived on a lake or had a swimming pond.

    I can't see all the pictures you're referring to... hm. I've some girlfriends taking fencing right now, and they love it.


  14. Sounds like some great activities going on. Should help keep everyone in shape! I wish Marissa had something to keep her more active. She jumps rope and does a few things around here, but not enough. However, her sport is now horseback riding. Good for the leg muscles, but not the heart. Daniella started ballet/praise dance this year. I, too, am thrilled that she has a God honoring ballet class.

    Thanks for sharing your favorite links. I use a couple of those, and I emailed a couple of the other links to myself. Can't wait to check out the math page.


  15. Looks like your children are having fun. I really miss our Christian dance studio. It was a great place, but it closed 2 years ago. We are doing Christian Youth Theater this year.

  16. Sounds like each of the kids have a great class set up. Way to go.


  17. Sounds like the kids are enjoying the "out-of-the-house" learning! My kids always love their swim classes each summer and dd is currently in ballet as well.