Thursday, September 4, 2008

Resisting Buying

This morning I am resisting running off to the state fair.  It is "free" today for students.  As with many things, "free" is not really free.  I, alas, am not a student and would have to pay my entry fee.  Also, I suspect that my kids would be disappointed with not being allowed to go on the rides, and those cost extra. Oh and then there's the 30 miles worth of gas to get us there and back. Then there is the question of cotton candy!  LOL!  You see, during the July 4th celebration downtown, we realized that some of our dear children had never had cotton candy.  Can you imagine?  LOL!  We stood in a very long line to get them some cotton candy, and it sold out right before we got to the counter.  Arghh!  So, if we went to the fair, how could I pass up the rows of cotton candy just sitting there for some outrageous fee?

One of the important things to me about doing this project is getting back to basic, simple pleasures.  So instead of running off and spending money, we are going to enjoy the simple pleasures in life today.  The kids are going to enjoy the view from their new tree house, and I am going to enjoy the $12 to $15 I saved in my bank account by staying home.  (Hubby built the kids a new tree house for the grand total of $18 dollars the weekend before Not Buying Month.)

Here is the view while lying on one's back in the new tree house in the Southern Magnolia.

Blessings, Dawn


  1. I'm sure they had more fun at home in that treehouse! (and you've saved money! :-)

  2. are priceless. Good for you. Keep up the hard work.