Friday, February 4, 2011

Fun in the Parks...January Review

One of our family goals for 2011 is to explore 52 parks in our area.  There are close to 100 in our county so this should be a fun exploration. The idea is to see a different park every week. Due to the weather and illness, we only explored two parks in January. I am sure we will catch up in the coming weeks.

Park 1

We went for a snowy walk at our local botanical garden. This is a favorite place of ours. We had never seen it snow covered and loved the peaceful quiet in the heart of the city. It was a familiar but very beautiful walk. We saw many birds and a chipmunk who did not let me take his picture.

Park 2

What a difference two weeks makes! The weather was balmy for our second park day. We explored a park that was about 20 miles from our home. It had muddy nature trails between several playgrounds.  A perfect park for our family. Timothy (our oldest son) was satisfied with the swampy nature experience, and the kids were delighted with the different playgrounds. Mom and Dad were relieved to feel the sun on our faces without a biting wind.

I love the saying ~ Never leave a child indoors.  Happy exploring.



  1. I love that saying too! So true- lovely photos- and great parks- we have two monkey and they thrive on being outside!
    Found you via the M.O.
    Nice to 'meet' you!

  2. Yes - happy outdoor exploring and learning!

  3. I love your goal! That is so cool, I want to do that with my family!

  4. That's NC all right. Coats and snow boots one week, short sleeves the next. Looks like everyone is having fun.

  5. Wow, I might take on that goal in the summer when I'm taking a break from homeschooling, to explore more of the local parks, because you're right, there's no reason not to go be adventurous and get fresh air. (Of course, right now we keep getting sick, which is why I'm thinking to do it in the summer.)

  6. Hello, Dawn! I have been trying to re-connect with my old HSB buddies. I have basically moved my blog too, to my own site, and, like you, have been busy learning it all.

    Looks like you have been super busy and wonderfully creative with the family as usual. Always love catching up with you. You are such an inspiration. :)

    Be Blessed my friend,

  7. We've been walking in the snow too (last week as it slowly melted). Super cold but new experiences, I agree!

  8. Dawn, you always have the best ideas. I love the idea of a new park each week and I know my children would be delighted with that.
    And I think even I could appreciate the snow in a botanical garden. Those photos are gorgeous!