Thursday, February 17, 2011

Park Fun...Third Through Sixth

We did a lot of catching up on our goal of going to 52 parks this year.  The third park on our list was right in our neighborhood, but we had never been to it. It turned out to be really fun. The playground had several unique parts such as a Braille board, rolling slide and a swinging boat.

The fourth park we did not take any pictures at. It was one of our favorites and attached to the library.

The fifth park was in a neighborhood a few miles from us. It was a lovely day, and there was an amazing slide. Too bad we did not have any wax paper. The kids would have flown down the slide if they had sat on wax paper! However, our jackets did the trick.

What a neat swing set there, too.  Even my husband (in the black coat) got in on the action.  He went the highest by far.

The sixth park was a little out of the ordinary. We went to a large city cemetery. Some of you know I have a thing about graveyards. I really enjoy them. My husband and kids have learned to like them, too.

The girls really like tending the graves. Many of the flowers had blown over in the brisk wind.

The three kids loved running down the hills through the gravestones. I teach them to be calm and respectful if there is someone visiting their loved ones. However, today the graveyard was filled with joggers and us. So the kids were more free to run around, as long as they did not bump into headstones.

It looks like we are in for nice weather for a few more days. I hope to get to another park or two over this next week.



  1. That slide looks huge! and those swings look very comfy.

  2. I like this goal! I may have to steal it from you!