Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Presidents Day!

We started our day off with our traditional Presidents Day scavenger hunt.  My husband has a great pewter set from his childhood of the presidents.  He has all of them through Ford.  Every year, they are turned into educational tools and are hidden all over our house with a little fact about them.  This year we decided just to do a scavenger hunt with the most well-known presidents and what favorite food they enjoyed. 

Two of the foods were things my kids had never had or we were pretty sure they would not like.  They were dared to try them anyway.  Richard Nixon's favorite breakfast was cottage cheese with ketchup!!!  GROSS!

Only two of us were brave enough to try this one, Timothy and my Dh. They said it was worse to look at than to eat it.

Theodore Roosevelt drank a gallon of coffee everyday.  No wonder he was such an energetic person!

Only Daddy and Tim drink coffee.  Today, Little Red Ridinghood tried it, and said she would stick to tea.

Some foods were much more to the kids' liking.  Their favorite food was introduced by Thomas Jefferson.  They could not wait to eat their mac and cheese. LOL

They were also very excited about Ronald Reagan's jelly beans, too.  Jelly beans for breakfast is a very fun treat.

They also enjoyed oranges with FDR!  We all had a hardy breakfast and learned some history at the same time.

Breakfast included ~
  • George Washington .... string beans
  • John Adams ... corn
  • Thomas Jefferson ... macaroni and cheese
  • John Q. Adams ... sliced apples
  • Abraham Lincoln .... cheese
  • Ulysses S. Grant ... rice pudding
  • Theodore Roosevelt ... coffee
  • Calvin Coolidge ... pickles
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt ... oranges
  • John F. Kennedy ... bacon
  • Richard Nixon ... cottage cheese with ketchup
  • Jimmy Carter ... peanuts
  • Ronald Reagan ... jelly beans


  1. What a unique breakfast! I thought that first picture was ice cream with cherries on top! A far cry from cottage cheese and ketchup... :)

    I just love that pewter presidents set. What a treasure!

  2. I have learned something new. Cottage cheese and ketchup--yuck.

  3. What a fun idea! I just found your blog and think I'll try this out with my kiddos. Thanks. :)

  4. What a great idea! I love it. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am enjoying reading yours as well. Looks like we did some of the same chapter books this year. :-) ~Julie

  5. I did something like that years ago in our first round of homeschooling. It was so much fun. Our boys aren't there yet, but someday... I'll have to make sure to bookmark your post as a reference. You had many more items than we did.

  6. Hi Dawn,
    I tried to leave a comment the other day when I read this, but my own pc most of the time does not cooperate.
    I love this post - how did you ever think of doing a day like this? I am over the top impressed, again.

  7. What a fun idea!!! I love it! I'm sure your kids do too. You are such a fun and creative mom!!!