Saturday, February 26, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up ~ The Festival Of Knowledge


We had another busy and productive week. The highlight of the week was the children participating in The Festival of Knowledge held at the Nature Center each year. This was a great opportunity for the kids to make a project and show what they had learned to the public. They also had to go through an interview with judges.

(Photobucket will not let me take out the Red Eye today!)  The girls standing in front of their display.

They decided to do their project on the Cherokee Indians. Each child picked their favorite part to write about of the Cherokee field trip we took last fall. Tom Sawyer concentrated on the houses and clans. Goldilocks really liked the language and setting up the village. Little Red Ridinghood enjoyed the beadwork and pottery that the women made. She also did most of the painting of the landscape and made her own pinch pot.

I am very proud of them. They did all the work by themselves. On the day of the judging, each did great with the interview portion. They were all eager to tell what they had learned.

Unfortunately, someone decided to vandalize their project (first time in the history of Festival of Knowledge). Somebody smashed the clay houses and stole some of the figurines and Lincoln Logs. The kids were really disappointed. We rebuilt everything the best we could with double-stick tape and twigs. The head of the event told the judges that the display arrived in perfect condition, and the judges said they would not hold it against the kids. The children ended up taking First Place in the cultural history category. HURRAY!

Since we were at the Nature Center, we enjoyed seeing all of the animals. It was a fun-filled day. The peacock was really showing off.

Our oldest works at the Nature Center. I caught him cleaning the inside of a snake enclosure. I couldn't miss the opportunity to take his photo in a glass cage! Yes, there are snakes crawling around inside that cage with him. HEHEHE! Since he was a young child, he always wanted a snake for a pet, but we wouldn't allow it. I am so glad he gets his "snake fix" far away from my home. LOL!!



  1. The nature center sounds like a fun field trip. How sad that someone messed up their display. I'm sure that was disappointing. So glad they won anyway.

  2. I am so sorry someone damaged their display. That is just terrible.
    It sounds like they did a wonderful job and yay! for first place ;)

  3. Love the photo of your son in the snake enclosure! It would freak me out but my son loves snakes also and we did have a pet for a season.
    Sounds like the kids did awesome desprite someones attempt to ruin their display. Congrats to them!

  4. I'm sorry that your display was vandalized, but it seems that the children made the best of it. Hooray for first place!

  5. Boo! For the vandalism, but Yah! for the first place.

  6. That just made my heart sad that someone vandalized their exhibit! I'm thankful that the judges were able to see all that they put into it and awarded them first place. Way to go!!!