Friday, April 25, 2014

Spring has Sprung!

In My Life ~ We received the news that Goldilocks was turned down for the Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (PRTF) we applied to recently. They felt that her needs were to challenging for their program. In some ways, I agree with them. The amount of processing (conversations about feelings) that she is needing every day from her therapeutic respite care provider to stay stable is astounding. Even with the high end care she is receiving right now, she is having many voices and trouble staying focused in the real world. We are praying that a change in medication will help next week. Her case worker feels that she may not fit into any PRTF and may need an even higher level of care in the near future. We are focusing on what to do next. Her caregiver has agreed to keep her for a few more weeks while we search for the best fit.

Outdoor fun ~ We took the first step in transforming our yard into a tween/teen haven this week with the purchase of a new trampoline. The kids are in love with it and spent many hours on it this week.

We will be making some more changes in the coming weeks. I look forward to them having a safe place to exercise.
Field Trips ~ We attended the Lego Club this week. It was Little Red Riding Hood's turn to present her Lego creation. She made a candy land drive thru!
We also went to the nature center this week. All of the animals were snoozing. I guess they are adjusting to the increase in pollen and temperatures too. The kids liked seeing the new playground structures that were added around the park.
Otters fast asleep
Homeschooling ~  Nothing really exciting to report in the homeschool world. We are doing lots of math, language arts and writing. Little Red Riding Hood will be tested next week and Tom Sawyer the week after that. I have ordered Goldilocks's test and she will be tested by her caregiver in the next week or two. The most exciting things we have done in homeschool is watch two Imax movies from Netflix and we are listening to From Norvelt to Nowhere which is the sequel of  Dead End in Norvelt.  The kids have really enjoyed both audio books. There seems to be a cliff hanger every chapter. Warning: The humor is a bit on the dark side and deals with death.

Counting Blessings ~ 
  • I made it to the chiropractor this week. My back was killing me. 
  • Our team of professionals continue to be supportive in helping us get the best care for Goldilocks.
  • We are so blessed to have a large back yard to provide safe play space for our kids.
  • There were less phone calls to make this week!
On the blog this week~ I wrote about the importance of flexibility in homeschooling and encouraging another to carry the torch with Goldilocks's education.
Blessings, Dawn


  1. I am so sorry that she didn't make it into the program. I will continue to pray that the right thing opens up for her and she will be able to get the treatment that she needs.
    Sounds like your week was a little smoother without so many phone calls. The trampoline is wonderful. I can't wait until we get one. I hope that the chiropractor helped out your back! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. It sounds like you might be on the road to some answers with Goldilocks... or maybe more certainty with her future? I'm praying for you all -- you're in my prayer journal. While I know you go on as normal for your other children I am sure you are heartbroken and full of worry most days.

    I'm glad you got to the chiropractor this week - I went for the first time in 3 months and it felt GREAT! My chiro said it actually creeped her out how out of alignment I was. Eeeew.

    Hugs to you, Dawn -- I'm always so in awe of you.

  3. It's too bad that Goldilocks wasn't accepted into the PRTF but as you said perhaps it wasn't the best place for her right now and the correct place will come up soon. I'm glad the week seems to have gone better than the past few and the kids had fun. The trampoline looks great too!

  4. Trampolines are the best, aren't they? I'm just looking forward to the day they are made of magic waterproof material so my kids can go play even when it's wet :-D
    I hope your back is better after your visit to the chiropractor.

  5. I am sorry that your hopes of getting her to a place were not realized this week, but it seems like it is the best. I am still praying that the right fit will be found. (hugs) I know my little ones love their trampoline.

  6. An outside area especially for tweens and teens sounds just perfect.
    We're still praying that there will be a special place for Goldilocks, God made just for her.

  7. Thank you for visiting my blog and allowing me to find you! I just skimmed through your blog and caught myself up on your situation, so to speak. Know that I'll be praying for Goldilocks, and for you, as you wait on God to reveal the right place and people to help her. I know that must be so hard for you.

    Yay for trampolines! My kids LOVE theirs. We bought one several years ago that died last fall. Daddy promised a new one two weeks ago but hasn't been able to make good on the promise yet due to a variety of things. Needless to say, my girls (10 and 7) have not let him forget it!