Thursday, May 1, 2014

A is for Art with Grandma!

We have really enjoyed learning art with Grandma this year. We have studied a variety of artists and art mediums. Our artist studies are set up with an introduction to the artist. Grandma does the research and presents a small introduction which often includes a video she has found on YouTube and or a picture book about the artist. Once we have surveyed the time period, artist and what type of art the artist created, we move on to the hands-on project. Our goal is to create art using the style of the artist so we can better understand more about that kind of art.  Here is a review of what we have done so far.

Piet Mondrian ~ 

Supplies used ~ Sharpies, rulers, poster paint and good quality drawing paper

This was the children's first introduction to abstract work. It was one of my favorite projects this year. However, I am partial to Piet Mondrian. I find his work very calming.

Frida Kahlo ~ 

The kids' artwork

This is my attempt.

Supplies ~ oil pastel crayons and good quality drawing paper

One thing that has been really enjoyable through these classes is that the adults have gotten in on the action. The other mother whose children are attending the classes and I have had fun learning, too. Because Frida Kahlo had pet parrots, we all included a parrot in our drawings.

Frank Lloyd Wright ~ 

Supplies ~ clear contact paper, matte frames, Sharpies and tissue paper

This project was hard and we were thankful for a three adult to five kid ratio. We made windows similar to the bubble windows that Frank Lloyd Wright created out of stained glass. The pictures really do not give them justice.

Grant Wood ~

Supplies ~ Photo of the house used to paint "American Gothic" without any people in the front (found on the Internet), markers and copy paper

This was one of the kids' favorite projects so far. They learned about Regional painting and about parodies. The children loved looking at all the funny parodies that have been made of the "American Gothic" painting and then made their own.

Elijah Pierce ~ 

Supplies ~ clay, plastic plates, acrylic paint and clear glitter

The children listened to a 20 minute video in which the famous folk artist spoke about his life and his wood carvings. We carved clay rather than wood and later painted our creations. This project took two weeks for our little group to complete. We had to wait for our clay to air dry before we could paint it.

Ben and Me

Blessings, Dawn


  1. What a great round up of art lessons! Looks like you've all been having a great time - hat's off to Grandma! I'm now going to look at parodies of American Gothic..

  2. There are some really great pieces of work created by your children here. And there is nothing better than being able to include grandma in their learning and lives. Thank you for sharing these lessons. - Lori

  3. Lovely art and so precious to be able to have Grandma help.

  4. Nice artwork! And so fun that the kids could build memories of doing it with grandma.

  5. Oh my gosh Dawn, I love all the artwork. How fun!! That will be a memory they have forever. <3

  6. I am a BIG Frank Lloyd Wright fan/freak/crazed person. I passed that onto my middle daughter child with projects like these. She wrote one of her long term papers in college about him. One day while she was dating this boy, we casually mentioned Frank Lloyd Wright, and he didn't know who that was! Well, let me tell you, that was almost a deal breaker. In the end she wound up marrying him. lol