Wednesday, May 21, 2014

World War II Holland

Although we have continued our study of World War II, life got crazy and I have fallen behind in posting. I will be trying to catch up over the next few weeks. We have "travelled" through WWII by country. If you would like to see the countries we have already studied, their posts are listed below.
My post on Russia and Poland is here. 
My post about Germany.
My post about Austria and Hungary.

This post will be about Holland and Anne Frank. We decided to watch the movie, The Diary of Anne Frank, (1959 version) instead of reading the book. I didn't read the book until high school and it seemed like a bit too much for my crew. The movie was excellent. We also found the Anne Frank House museum website to be a wealth of information. We especially enjoyed the virtual tour of the rooms where her family hid for many months. In contrast to life in Amsterdam, we read the book, The Winged Watchman, to get a feel for WWII in the countryside of Holland. This was a very enjoyable book.

We also listened to the audio book, The Hiding Place. This wonderful story is about two Christian sisters in Holland who became part of the Underground Resistance and hid Jews who couldn't be moved out of the city because of their health or because they looked too Jewish to be disguised. Eventually, the sisters were captured and sent to a concentration camp in which one of them died. The people they hid survived the war.

We decided to make our own hiding place under our stairs. The kids added their snap circuit radio, pillows, water and a blanket.

Can you find the entrance to our hideout?
Oh, the entrance is behind the sofa and poster.
Here they are inside their hideout.
Next up is France and Norway. Once again, I'll be raiding the library for books!

Blessings, Dawn


  1. I just love the way you have done your WWII studies. I am pinning them all and plan to take your lead the next time we get there in our history studies. You are an inspiration!!

  2. Great post! Pinned to my "education" board on Pinterest. The last two years I taught, my classroom was twice the size of Anne Frank's hideout...

  3. I am so stealing your idea to make a hideout when we do the world wars! Such a great idea!
    I'm looking forward to reaching this time in our history studies, which if we continue on as slowly as we are, we might reach before my retirement age!

  4. Very cool hiding place! I love your ideas. We all just read the HA Rey book - thank you for sharing about it.