Sunday, May 25, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up ~ Alice in Wonderland

What a busy week! The children are in the midst of performing in six shows of Alice in Wonderland this week and next. I am working backstage most of the shows this year. Although my kids don't really need me backstage anymore, it is a great way to get free tickets for myself and dear husband. Backstage is running well and the stage manager this year is very organized.

In this year's spring performance, Little Red Riding Hood has two dances -- one as a flamingo and the other as one of Alice's teardrops in the Queen of Heart's croquet party.

Tom Sawyer is a frog messenger of the queen.

The kids always have a warm up with the entire company and a pre-show meeting.

Then they break off into little groups to quietly entertain themselves until they go on stage to perform. It usually runs very smoothly. This dance studio is 44 years old this year with the same original owners. They have it all down to an artistic science.

Little Red Riding Hood in the center with her rubberband rainbow loom.
The spring performance is always performed in the dance studios black box theater with the dancers so close you can almost touch them. The White Rabbit is one of the owners of the dance studio and also Tom Sawyer's teacher.

Here is Little Red Riding Hood as a teardrop. Their dance was really cute.

The tear drops crying. Little Red Riding Hood is on the left.
Tom Sawyer was very hard to catch on camera without too much blur, because it was so dark and the boys were moving a lot.

Tom  Sawyer is on the right with the knee brace.
Little Red Riding Hood's tween ballet class was the flamingos. These girls have improved so much this year with their form and precision.

Little Red Riding Hood is in the center on the floor.

As another year wraps up with this dance studio, I am pleased that my kids have had such wonderful experiences. The life lessons they have learned here are invaluable. Now I have to listen to complaints about when dance classes will start up again. They think dance classes should be year round.

Blessings, Dawn


  1. What a wonderful week! It must be so special to see your children perform to an audience. Although my son wouldn't want to perform he is itching to get involved behind the scenes with some sort of drama club.

  2. It looks like it was a fantastic show! What a great experience for the kids.

  3. What a wonderful experience!! How fun!! Love the pictures, the kids look very grown up!

  4. I always think the shows are the best part of dance for the kids. So many great theatrical experiences. Six shows though - that's a lot!