Thursday, March 7, 2019

Biology ~ Dean's Transcript

I am playing a bit of catch-up. Dean finished this course months ago. We used lots of different resources to accomplish 144 hours of his Biology course. He did all assignments and participated in all field trips and dissections. He received a 96% for this course. Below is a list of the resources we used.

The textbook that was our spine for this course was Biology by Prentice Hall. We also used Charles Darwin for Kids with 21 Activities.

Field Trips ~
  • Serpentarium Magic ~ We learned about and saw 200 snakes.
  • He did a year-long study of the Biltmore Gardens and Greenhouses. We went 11 times.
  • Our class visited The Global Wildlife Safari in Louisiana.
  • Our class visited The Great Smokey Mountain National Park and saw lots of wildlife.
  • We visited Kiawah Island and saw conchs, egrets, deer, Eastern Brown Pelicans, horseshoe crabs, jellyfish and other fish.
  • We visited Charleston Tea Plantation and learned about the genetic building blocks of tea.
  • He visited the Hendersonville Aquarium and saw baby sharks and lots of coral.
  • He visited the local arboretum and learned how biology plays a role in making perfume.
Online Courses ~ 
  • Fascinating Biology ~ He did most of the course.
  • Crash Course Biology ~ Our class used this when we were stuck on  several concepts.
  • TED Talks ~ He watched 21 of them.
Movies and Netflix ~ 
  • Life by the BBC
  • Born in China
  • Bill Nye Saves the World
  • Wild Alaska
  • Inside the Human Body
  • In the Womb
Science Experiments ~ 
  • Using 60 pre-made slides, he did lots of microscope work.
  • He learned to use a stereoscope and used it ten times.
  • Our class made slides of pumpkin parts, bacteria, and onions.
  • He performed a potato shrinking experiment to show the process of osmosis.
  • He made his own agar Petri dishes and collected bacteria to grow in 20 Petri dishes.
  • He participated in dissecting a frog.
  • He took part in our dissection of a sheep's heart.
  • He participated in dissecting a fetal pig.
  • He made DNA strands out of candy.
Essays ~ 
  • He wrote about William Harvey, who described and studied the circulatory system.
  • He wrote about how waste water is treated.
  • He wrote about Charles Darwin.
  • He did a descriptive paper on the stomach and how it functions.
Blessings, Dawn