Thursday, March 14, 2019

Anne's Transcript ~ Career Education

This course was designed to help Anne explore her options in future careers. She explored three different careers and environments. She completed this course with 164 hours.

Teacher Assistant ~ Anne was a teacher assistant for a Ballet III class. She modeled moves for the students, helped them prepare to go on stage and occasionally substitute taught the class on her own. She completed 34 hours. This job gave Anne the opportunity to see what teaching is like.

Dance Apprenticeship ~ Anne received an apprenticeship to dance with the ACDT Adult Company. This opportunity is ongoing and only a few hours are reflected in this course. She is taking one of the ACDT dance classes. She proved that she was capable of keeping up with the complicated choreography and executing it with beauty. She is truly committed to dance and was granted a role as an understudy in the 40th  anniversary of (ACDT) show that will be performed this coming summer. Her rehearsal hours are reflected in her Performing Arts course. She received 38 hours for apprenticeship with this course, but she continues to be an apprentice with the ACDT Adult Company.

Employee at a Consignment Shop ~ Anne interviewed and received a job working at a consignment shop. She works two mornings a week for a total of eight hours a week. She tags clothing, puts clothing and toys on the store racks and shelving, changes the display windows, dresses mannequins, and pulls outdated clothes. Her employer is very pleased with her work so far and she loves the job. She will continue with this job for the foreseeable future. This course records her first 92 hours of work at the consignment shop.

She received an A for this course.

Blessings, Dawn


  1. I like seeing how you lay out each "course" for the transcript. I've been wondering how to put one together with what I know we've accomplished but was at a loss how to add in things that didn't include book work-- like this!