Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Anne's Transcript ~ Physical Education

I am still trying to transfer Anne's credits from last year to our blog records from my lesson planners. Hopefully, I will be all caught up by early next week.

Physical Education ~ Anne is a very passionate dancer and spends much more time dancing than is recorded here. However, I recorded her structured classes for the  majority of one calendar school year. Her summer dance intensives and lots of extra rehearsals and practice times are not recorded. All performances are listed under her Performing Arts credit.

Ballet ~ During this course, Anne took three forms of ballet and danced at two different studios. She took Pointe, Russian Ballet and Cecchetti Ballet. She took 107 hours of ballet classes. She took the Cecchetti Exam for level 4 and passed with honors.

Contemporary Dance ~ Anne also took five different classes in contemporary dance. Modern and Jazz were weekly classes for the entire school year. She also did a workshop class that rotated throughout the school year with mini-intensives in Hip Hop, West Coast Swing and Salsa. She attended 91 hours of contemporary dance classes.

She received an A for this course and completed 198 hours of classes. She passed her Cecchetti exam with honors and received excellent marks in all of her dance classes, including lead roles in performances and acceptance as an apprentice to the studio's Adult Dance Company for the next school year.

Blessings, Dawn