Wednesday, September 25, 2019

What's Up Wednesday!

I thought I would try a new round up this week. So here we go!

What we're eating this week ~ I had time to cook this week so everything listed is homemade and mostly organic. It always is a relief when we have enough margin in our lives to eat homemade and healthy instead of pre-made healthy foods that cost so much more. This week we are having granola, quiche, baked potato night, lots of salads, bean and chicken burritos, calico beans, roasted veggies with store bought tater tots and barbecue.

I am also back to making homemade dog food every week for Boomer. He is losing weight and has so much more energy.

What I am loving ~ Watching my son build his Eureka Crates from Kiwi. We saved all of his kits over the summer, and he has been building one each week. He has created so many cool things! I love watching him learn.

What we've been up to ~ You mean when I am not racing dear daughter from dance class to work to sign language class and back to dance again?! We are really hitting our homeschool groove around here in between all of the racing around. Dear son is mostly on his full school schedule and dear daughter is doing about as much as she can with all of her out-of-home commitments.

We did start driver's ed for Anne. That added 7 to 10 hours a week to our schedule! CRAZY! Dean attended an awesome party this past weekend which included paint ball, movies and eating out. He had a blast and I didn't get a single picture. We also made it to the monthly live action role play club in our town. Dean is the one without the shield in the video below.

What I am doing this weekend ~ Now that the school year is underway, all of my kids' friends have returned from their travels. October is also birthday month in our house, so I am anticipating having a full house of teens for many weekends to come. I love a rowdy house of squealing teens.
These three teens are likely to be together lots over the next few weeks.
What I am working on ~ We are composing a list of ideas for Anne's 16th birthday. She wants to do, taste, experience 16 different things that she has never done before. We are finding the list harder to create than we thought it would be. I told her that means she is very blessed to have done so many things already in her short life. So far we have 12 things (the ones with stars next to them we have already done). We plan to complete them over the month of October. She also is dressing up with her friends and brothers and going out on the town to have Shirley Temples. It should be a fun and memorable birthday.

What I am watching/reading ~ We just finished season 8 of Call the Midwife. I am also watching Mom of 10 on YouTube. They are currently spending 6 months traveling through Europe. What an awesome experience! I am reading Born to Rise by Deborah Kenny. It is a wonderful book about education and how to transform it to work better.

What I am looking forward to next month ~ I love October. I am looking forward to my daughter's 16th birthday, online driver's ed being completed, Halloween, and autumn weather.

Blessings, Dawn


  1. We're planning a 16th birthday celebration around here . . . but ours is still a few months away. :) I constantly marvel at the good ideas you have for celebrating life and giving your growing teens good experiences.

    I wish Anne success with her driver's ed class, and I wish Dean joy in his building and learning!

  2. Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. We are really looking at our straw use as well and got metal straws which I now need to remember to always carry with me :)

    I LOVE that idea for your daughter's 16th birthday. That is an excellent way to celebrate a milestone for sure.

  3. We have lots of October birthdays too and I'm making quiche for dinner tonight. Have you shared your granola recipe before? I'm trying to find a good one as my go to natural granola from the store has been discontinued. I thought I'd try my hand at making it myself but wasn't sure where to start.