Friday, September 7, 2007

Our Goals for the Next Five Weeks ...

I thought I would list our goals for the next 5 weeks and how we plan on putting them into action.

Big Teen - He will simply be plugging away on his seven classes.  I do hope that he will be able to complete 18 hours of school a week on top of his internship.  Also, if all works out, he will be starting an Ancient World History class with other homeschoolers in about a week or so.


  1. Learning all the sounds of the ABC's.
  2. Learning to count correctly to 50 -- she's about halfway there.
  3. Learning the months of the year.
  4. Learning to think before speaking and only speak if you have something nice to say.
  5. Learning to give her own opinion.  This child will survey the whole family when she is asked a simple question before giving her answer.
  6. Narrating back a part of a chapter in more than one sentence.       
These goals will be worked on using (I love this new phonics website my friend showed me), Leap Frog Word Whammer, counting games, heart-to-heart time and child training for behavior goals.

Tom Sawyer

  1. Continuing to improve his reading skills.
  2. Work on doing chores with a cheerful heart and without argument. (This might be his goal all year.  LOL)
  3. Working on better eye contact with "Yes, Mom".
  4. Working on resolving problems with sibs in accordance with the Brother Offended chart.  He is usually the one being offended, not the offender.
  5. Learning simple adding, subtracting and sequencing.
  6. Learning the days of the week.
  7. Working on staying dry through the night.  With cerebral palsy, this may be a really hard goal, but his doc thinks we may have success.
We will put these goals into action using the Brother Offended chart, Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons, Miquon math, lots of heart-to-heart time with Mommy and child training.

Little Red Ridinghood

  1. Learning to use scissors.
  2. Being able to identify all letters of ABC's.
  3. Improving listening and narration skills.
  4. Working on taking turns and sharing more.
  5. Learning 10 new words in Spanish.
  6. Putting shoes on the correct feet.
  7. Working on identifying all the numbers to 25.  She is about halfway there.
We will put these goals into practice with, FIAR books, reading Charlotte's Web, Muzzy Spanish videos, simple little math games, especially ones with food (food is a big motivator for this child), child training and PRACTICE!

We will continue on with our normal lessons and FIAR books, but these goals will be my focus for each child.  They will also all be doing Spanish, science, music and art just as the previous weeks.




  1. Good luck on your goals. That is such a good idea. I need to write some out for me and stick with them. I am one for making out charts and such and then not doing anything with them. LOL. You have motivated me!


  2. I hope you succeed with all your goals. I especially like the one about thinking before you speak and then only if you have something nice to say!

  3. It's neat to see what everyone else is doing!



  4. JustGiveMeStarbucksSeptember 9, 2007 at 4:40 AM

    I love the idea of writing out your goals. I think I'd tried that some time back with my kiddos, but didn't follow through too well (I do make up schedules, but goals are necessary, too). Putting them where others can see them (like on a blog) might make me a little more accountable! ;-) Good idea.

    I love the "Gotcha Day" post! What a wonderful way to celebrate the way God has brought your family together. He is good.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. No more posts about spiders -- I promise! LOL.