Sunday, September 9, 2007

Summer Milestones

It is amazing how many milestones pass by with every season.  I thought I would list what my little ones have accomplished this season. 

Goldilocks (6) - She has made great strides on healing her heart (Reactive Attachment Disorder) and is able to show some nurturing skills and enjoyment of babies.  Until recently, even playing with a doll was undesirable. (The photo below is of a baby we babysat recently.)  She also learned how to tie her own shoes this summer and to keep her bedroom very tidy.  She has also learned the days of the week and several little songs by memory.  She also learned how to float by herself in the pool.  What a busy summer of growth for our little girl!

Tom Sawyer (5) - My little guy is just growing by leaps and bounds.  He learned how to write his name this summer and how to hold a pencil correctly.  He also learned how to pump himself on the swing.  This is a major feat for my little guy.  He was so proud when he finally got it.  He also learned how to put his face in the pool and blow bubbles.

Little Red Ridinghood (3) -  My baby isn't a baby anymore!  But it is great that she is thriving.  She learned to dress herself correctly this summer.  She is also enjoying her new dance class.  For those of you who know her, separating from Mommy has been really rough.  But when it came to this class, she walked into the room on the first day with no trouble.

The Big Teen - There was one huge milestone for our big teen this summer.  He showed great responsibility and commitment to the Comedy Revue he was in.  His acting teacher said that he really had talent and that he was very reliable and responsible.  He did not have any stage fright and really loved the experience.

Well, hopefully, recording the milestones of our lives each season will help me remember more of them.  They go by so fast, especially in the early years.


  1. What a sweet family! Thanks for visiting my blog, I'll add you to my list too. I was reading down a few posts brother is adopted and we celebrate his Gotcha day too!

  2. to reflect on the milestones. We've had a few of those this past summer for our 14yod!



  3. I just wanted to say thank you for stopping by my blog. Your family look very sweet and I have loved touring here.


  4. Wow! Those are some great accomplishments! Especially Goldilocks, it's hard to work through a disorder! :)