Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Boy and a Chainsaw

Today dh and our big teen rented a chainsaw and chopped down all the nearly dead trees on the back of our property.  Well, both of my guys are city guys trying to be country guys and it is a work in progress.  First, they managed to get the chainsaw stuck in in the tree!  It took them a long time to get it unstuck.  LOL!  Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo of that.  But here are the photos I did get.

Awww!  A boy and a chainsaw!  Feel the power, son.

I'm not sure who was louder, the chainsaw or the screaming audience!  The little ones screamed every time the chainsaw was turned on.

Notice how my husband is the director and the teen is doing all the work?  (This is typical, as my hubby loves to be the boss.)  Still, great life experience!

The little ones are still screaming, but at least they got off my lap!  Our neighbors must love us!  Actually one of our elderly neighbors likes to sit outside and watch us.  She says we are more fun to watch than TV!  I think that is a compliment, isn't it?

Blessings, Dawn


  1. The neighbors watch us too, but then everyone in this country watches us no matter where we are. :)

    My kids love those loud machines too for yelling.

  2. watching men and thier 'toys'. Great lesson in patience and perserverence though. LOL

  3. I understand your littles completely. I scream about chainsaws too. And too funny about your neighbors comment!

  4. Yep. These guys love their power tools. My husband loves them so much, he makes a living with them~inspite of his accounting degree!

    I bet your elderly neighbor does enjoy watching them. Whenever we pop in at the assisted living center, or visit my grandmother at the nursing home, those ladies all want to hug my little girls.


  5. LOL! What a fun memory you will have! And since we all have buy new TV's (joke from my post:

    then I think it would be rather fun to come watch your family instead LOL. What a great compliment!



  6. Too funny! We had a similar experience last year just pruning all the trees. Much joyful screaming by the kids while dad and his helper worked on them.

  7. Your series of pictures and commentary had me laughing! What a hoot! The kids screaming, the dad supervising, a teen with a power tool. Great stuff for blogging. :-)

  8. Don't men just love to play with power tools? My garage is loaded with my husband's toys. There is not much room left over for the van! lol

  9. JustGiveMeStarbucksFebruary 20, 2008 at 5:59 AM

    I love that: "...both of my guys are city guys trying to be country guys." Great line! Very entertaining post. :-)

    Glad to hear you all haven't caught the flu -- you're very wise to hide from it. Take some hand sanitizer with you everywhere you go!

    Have a great day, Dawn. :-)


  10. Great pics & commentary! :) Good for your DS to get out there & try that!

    I DO think that's a compliment (what your neighbor said). :)

    Love, Alyssa

  11. What fun ! Yes, directing is a daddy's job. [0; I was ROFL when I read that your neighbor that you were more intresting than tv . LOL How funny.

    I LOVED your volcano !!! I think I like that version better than others. It looks easy to clean up. [0;

    I have been wanting to get over here and I am soooooooo glad I did. I ALWAYS enjoy your blog.

    Blessings and ((hugs)) my SSiC

  12. LOL Around here the best part of a good movie or tv show is watching my kids react! When they stay at my parents, who watch a lot of tv, they get into their reactive antics. M&D tell me every detail of the hilarious experience. When nervous dd hides her head, ds gets all jittery and tucks his feet under his body, balancing on his toes. He might hide his head or run to the other room. When It's funny ds stands on the couch and cheers them on, dd flaps her hands and twirls her feet with her mouth open. They make a gazillion comments and ask tons of questions They cannot wait to find out what happens. They are a hoot. I guess my brother and I were boring in comparison! LOL



  13. What a great post!! I giggled and dh wanted to know what I was laughing about so I got to read it to him and he got a good laugh too. Something about getting the chainsaw stuck got him!! I think he must've had a similar experience!! :-) Too funny!!! My children scream a that sort of loud stuff too. But since we're in the country no one really notices. Oh well. Anyway, just catching up on what's going on with you!! By the way, I love your desk!! You DO NOT want to see mine at the moment!! Tax time!! Giggle!! Blessings! Kris