Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Big Teen's Earth Science Course

This is a record of the big teen's completed course in Earth Science.  He really enjoyed this course, as he really enjoys all science.  We took advantage of our mineral and rock musuem and a great trip to the Natural Bridge in Virginia.  He also used a standard Earth Science textbook, educational shows and many science experiments.  He logged 108 hours and did the following units:

  • Solar system ~ 19 hours
  • Earth structure ~ 15 hours
  • Minerals and rocks ~ 17 hours
  • Oceans ~ 5 hours
  • Natural disasters ~ 18 hours
  • Natural wonders ~ 9 hours
  • Climate change and protecting the environment ~ 25 hours
Here is a rundown of most of the experiments:

  • Distilled salt water to drinking water
  • Made model of the solar system
  • Made clouds in a jar
  • Created layers of the earth out of ice cream
  • Found out how ice affects sediment
  • Made an artesian well
  • Did several snow experiments
  • Created trash table/chart
  • Did some flooding experiments
  • Did some hard water and soft water tests
Below shows his artesian well, hard/soft water tests, how vinegar eats away calcium egg shell, and his ice cream layer earth.  He received an A for this course.


  1. It sounds like he did some great work!

    I love the chalkboard and photos.

  2. Very interesting and different experiments :-) Love, Mom (& Grandma)

  3. Those science experiments look like so much fun. You are always doing such neat things with your kids.


  4. I love how you fill your curriculum with clever and interesting experiments. I see from the expression on your son's face in the slide show that he is about as thrilled as mine is with getting his picture taken. I really enjoy your posts. Thanks so much for sharing.

    Blessings always,