Sunday, February 3, 2008

They Are Writing On the Walls and I Don't Care

We are working hard on fine motor skills around here.  One of the kids' favorite activities this last week was a tracing activity that involved writing on the walls ~ sorta.

Tom Sawyer has a tremor in his hands, so tracing within the lines is really hard.  Since he loves art and wants to be an artist, his tremor is very frustrating to him.  He is very willing to practice but likes a variety of ways.  He loved tracing on the wall.  He said it was like being naughty without being naughty.  The two youngest also enjoyed working with their handwriting without tears capital letter set.  They both know their ABCs and Tom Sawyer can read on a first grade level, but they had a great time working with the set anyway.  They built the letters and then matched them to ABC letters and word cards that started with their letter.

Well, I am off to tend the sickies.  Two of the four kids are down with colds.  Hopefully, we will get to do reading, math and make a few valentines today.  The big teen is the sickest so back to educational videos for his schooling today.  Perhaps I can read to him if the others cooperate.

Blessings, Dawn


  1. learningatourhouseFebruary 4, 2008 at 5:36 AM

    I might give the "writing on the wall" a try for my youngest. I think he would like that.

    When you get a chance, stop by and pick up an award I have for you.


  2. We'll pray that your kids feel better soon!

  3. That program you are using looks wonderful. Wish I had seen that when mine were little.

  4. Our OT told us that writing on an easel automatically puts the hand in neutral, making excellent handwriting practice. I'm glad he's having fun with your blessings! =)



  5. You have an award! Details are on my site.

  6. My youngest is down with a cold as well. She is such a grumpy puss when she is ill that we are all praying for a swift recovery!

  7. We're using the HWT blocks, too, for Kade.

    They all love to play with them, though.