Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy Birthday, Little Red Riding Hood!

Little Red Riding Hood is 6 years old! We scheduled a camping birthday party and then had to cancel it, because all of her little friends had the H1N1 flu. So we had a small family camping party on Friday. We set up the tent and played with glow in the dark sticks. The kids loved story time in the tent. We even had a teddy bear cake which Little Red Riding Hood decorated herself.

In keeping with our tradition, I will list six words for 6 years to describe my little sidekick.
  • Expressive   
  • Mother's helper
  • Athletic  
  • Loving  
  • Nurturing  
  • Friendly


Blessings, Dawn


  1. What a cutie pie you have!


  2. Happy Birthday! She's right between my son and I for bds!



  3. www.thepiratemom.comOctober 13, 2009 at 9:53 AM

    All of her friends had the H1N1? That is so sad....for her and them! But it looks like it all worked out. Happy birthday to her!


  4. Happy Birthday Little Red, glad I could help with your athletic abilities, hope you liked it. Tell your mother that even the NIHI does not last two weeks, since she canceled your party 10 days before the party, hee hee. Hope you had a great trip can not wait to hear all about it. Kristi

  5. Kristi, Kristi! I canceled the party on Monday! That is 4 days before the party. You were too sick to count up the days.


  6. Sounds like y'all had a wonderful party in spite of her friends being sick! She is a cutie. Love her new gown and her cake is adorable. Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday to Little Red Riding Hood!

    I'm sorry the party was changed up a bit. It sounds like a lot of fun to be in the tent and play with glow sticks. The dress she got is gorgeous and I am sure there will be many twirly hours spent wearing it.

  8. Happy Birthday to your beautiful Princess!!

    What a pretty dress!!

    It looks like you all had a wonderful day!

  9. Happy birthday to her! Everything was so cute & sweet; she looks very happy :).

    Sorry about her little friends... keep the kiddos on vitamin D; good stuff.